From Fitness To Digital Marketing Expert

Now working as a digital marketing expert and marketing strategist by profession, I'm still passionate about fitness, and always dedicated to leaving a positive mark on this world.

It Began With Fitness

My career, interests and passion started off in the Health and Fitness industry. I have worked as a Personal Trainer, Online Coach, and in Sales for leading fitness providers. I even have a fitness dedicated business.

"The day you become content is the day you stop growing, the day you stop evaluating yourself is the day you stop getting better."

The Marketing Life

Marketing was my calling. Strategy is my guide. What I loved about fitness was encouraging change. Altering people's perception on what it is to be healthy. I studied hard, earnt myself a Masters in Marketing. Now, I'm looking to change the game of marketing. 

What I Do

The power of marketing communication relies on more than one discipline. 

Advertising  Branding 
Consulting  Content Marketing   

Email Marketing

Influencer Marketing   Social Media 

Website Design

My Places & Businesses

Take a look at my places and my businesses ventures.

Online personal training & workout plans.

Fitness marketing for fitness professionals.

A streetwear brand that gives back.


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