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Get Up to 30 X ROI From Your Emails.

With over £900,000+ generated in email marketing revenue, I think it's safe to say I know a thing or two about optimising email campaigns for maximum return! Drive purchase-ready audiences to your e-commerce, fashion or online business.

Why Should You Work With Me

Collaborative Approach

Working close with your or your team to maximise outputs and results.

Strategically Minded

Creating a next of actions that creates a domino of positive outcomes.

Outstanding Creativity

Attaining the goal with no limitations and no boundaries of creativity.

Boost Revenue, Without The Hassle.


Includes 4 campaigns per month.

Personalised to your business. 

  • For businesses with at least 1,000 subscribers or more.

  • Best suited for online or e-commerce businesses.

  • Includes strategy, copywriting and design.

Every Email, Built to Convert.

Generate more sales than ever seen before from your email marketing channel with personalised, weekly email marketing campaigns strategised and executed by a seasoned pro. 

close up of fingers typing on laptop with a grey overlay

Email Stats That Speak Money.


of marketers say that email marketing is critical to their business success.

1 in 2

of people say they buy direct from emails sent to them every single month.


of customers prefer email as their main channel for business communication.

Jack is a great guy and the best email marketing person I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His innovative ideas, rigorous work ethic, and kindness to others make him a joy to work with. Jack has helped me exponentially grow my business and we couldn't be more grateful for his contributions over the months.

Danny, S.

E-Commerce Business Owner

The Process

01/ Research

Identify key trends that will boost the performance of the email campaigns. 

02/ Strategy

Take ideas to implementation with smart segmentation, consumer behaviour and journey mapping. 

02/ Creation

Write compelling copy that engages, converts. Design visuals that attract and delight.

04/ Send Out

Approve the email, schedule and send. Then, monitor performance, track data, use it to enhance performance.

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