Thinking Like A Marketing Strategist

Excelling as a Marketing Digital Strategist requires thinking and acting strategically to shape the future. The first action is to think of ideas, the second is to plan out these ideas and thirdly to implement them.


I have always gravitated towards strategies in one way or another without knowing. When I first started working in the Marketing industry, I was obsessed with learning about funnels, customer journeys and touchpoints. Which in it’s way is basically a small part of a marketing strategy.


As I gained more experience, I know I was a big dreamer and a long term thinker. My strength was realised when goals were set and I could picture and map out the exact route and what is needed to achieve them. 

What Marketing Strategist Do?

Fundamentally, the role of a marketing strategist is to get to the desired outcome or goal with the means or resources currently available. I like to think of it as mapping out the future.


Marketing Strategists have to do more than plan out creative ideas. A Marketing Strategist should be able to think dynamically and adapt to changes in a marketing plan or environment when they appear.


There are 4 steps I recommend to creating an effective marketing strategy. Listen, watch, question, and reflect.


These are the steps to connecting the past, present and future. Change perception by altering people's views, create understanding and help direct people to what is truly important. Digital marketing is the action to the marketing strategy.

The Marketing Strategy Cycle

Combining the concepts behind a number of digital marketing, sales and business frameworks together, a new framework or cycle can be created to follow when creating a strategy.


Analytics - Thinking - Prioritising - Planning - Implementing. 


Where many digital marketers fail is by not having a strategy that is flexible and can change when needed. In order to shape events, a strategist must be able to adapt to circumstances.To add to this, strategists that don't allow time to think are not actually strategists. Instead, they are just project managers or planners. Thinking is the driver behind strategy and planning is the fuel.

When it comes to building a winning strategy, remember that there is always a better, quicker and more efficient way of doing things. What might have worked for some brands, may not work for others. Assess the situation, environment and moment and think creatively and plan smart. 


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