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How I Made an E-commerce Brand £246,713 Richer Using Email Marketing

I made a small e-commerce fashion business £246,713 richer using email marketing. And here’s how I did it.

Not so long ago, I was working with an online fashion business. Their socials, paid ads and general web traffic was ok, but they weren’t maximising their email marketing opportunities. I know there was a huge potential here to boost revenue. So I got to work

First, I checked the email marketing platform they were using (Klaviyo) was properly set up.

This included:

  • Tracking customer activity

  • Segments

  • Product syncs

  • Lifetime data

Next, I started to build essential flows, such as:

  • Welcome series

  • Nurturing

  • Abandoned cart

  • Birthday

  • Up-sell & cross-sell

  • Out of stock

  • Customer win-back

  • Reviews & testimonials

  • Referral + recommendation promos

Once everything was set up, I began A/B testing:

  • Lead capture forms

  • Pop-ups

  • Exit intents

  • In-text CTAs

I focused on something a customer may want, such as:

  • Free shipping

  • Exclusive offers

  • First-order deals

  • Lookbooks

  • Subscribers-only content

This quickly turned into over 1000s of new subscribers, with a conversion rate of 4–7% on some days.

Once everything was in place and we were capturing leads effectively, the next thing to do was to plan and release regular campaigns focusing on:

  • Company updates

  • New releases

  • Related stories

  • Customer testimonials

  • Giveaways

  • Month in review

  • Team culture

I started with sending one email per week and scaled it to two or three times after a few months. (depending on if there was a new launch or anything)

After a while of identifying what worked through A/B testing:

  • Subject lines

  • Preview texts

  • Content

  • Sending frequency

  • Copy

We saw results!

£246,713 worth of added revenue. And you can do the same by focusing more on email marketing and making it a key strategy in your e-commerce business.

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