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March Content Ideas - 20 Useful Ideas For What To Post

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Fresh content ideas for Social Media & blog posts you can use to grow your online platforms this March 2021.

Growing your online platforms whether that's social media or your blog website or business requires consistent posting of engaging content. Coming up with fresh posting ideas isn't always easy. That's where the idea for this monthly blog series came to me.

Each month you will find relevant content ideas that you can use for your own platforms. All I ask in return is for you to give this post a like if you find them useful. Continue reading to find 20 useful ideas for what to post in March 2021.

How to use this guide:

Imagine this blog as a idea generator tool. You can either directly use the ideas themselves or adapt them to your brand, product or service.

Blog posts are key content which can be broken down into mini bite size social media posts. When you write a blog post, aim to generate 3-10 social media posts or updates from it.

This guide is intended to provide ideas for as many different industries as possible. Therefore, the ideas are broad enough to adapt to your posting needs.

March 2020

What's happening in March 2021?

  • International Women's Day - 8th March

  • Mothers Day - 14th March

  • First Day of Spring - 20th March

Social Media Post Ideas

  • Fill in the blank: I’m inspired by _________.

  • Repost a useful article I found on (topic) & why it's useful to you.

  • Client product or service review in screenshot format.

  • Create a downloadable resource & promote it.

  • Post a Monday Motivation.

  • Host a competition or giveaway.

  • Share a small business you love and think your followers should support.

  • Post a selfie of you doing something you love.

  • Promote a newsletter.

  • Show a demonstration of your product or service.

  • Give a glimpse of what your daily routine looks like.

  • Share your workout plan or routine.

  • Share 3 fun facts about you or your brand.

  • Share a gif of you doing something relatable to your business.

  • Share a meme that's relatable to your audience.

Blog Post Ideas

  • 5 Habits That Are Proven To Increase Work Efficiency (A Personal Opinion).

  • When You're Struggling For Confidence, Try This Technique.

  • Shred Fat With These 2 Simple Exercises.

  • Why You Should Be Using Social Media For Your Small Business.

  • 10 Useful Ideas To Grow Your Social Media Platforms.

Thank you for reading March Content Ideas - 20 Useful Ideas For What To Post In March 2021.

Don't forget to like and comment on my blog if you found it useful. Sign-up to my newsletter to receive more useful social media tips straight to your inbox.


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Wanda Rodriguez
Wanda Rodriguez
Mar 10, 2021

Thank you this was very useful being in still stuck and although I’m making post it’s not as successful

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