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Santander's 123 Cashback Billboard Marketing Campaign

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

The new Santander campaign is an incredible piece of traditional marketing. Displaying a 3D billboard display promotes Santander's 123 cashback offer, which gives money back on household bills such as gas, electricity and water for holders of 123 Current Accounts.

The billboard has a giant tap gushing with coins to publicise the bank's monthly cashback offer on household bills. The enormous red taps have been installed on outdoor sites in Kingsland Road, Hackney in London and Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester. The London site will run during the first two weeks of November.

It was created by Engine Creative, an innovative agency aiming to build better brand engagement for clients, putting customer experience at the core of everything they do.

Jo Moore, creative director at Engine, says: "With this campaign, we needed to demonstrate how Santander 123 cashback current accounts provide unexpected rewards on household bills. Our comms approach was to launch boldly, make this benefit the star of the show and drive fame for Santander. The physical nature of Out-of-Home (OOH) in general and the special build execution format creates disruption at launch, ensuring attention and planting the idea in people's memories to be retrieved at the moment of truth. All this in an otherwise low-interest category."

My take on the Santander 123 Cashback campaign is that it's an incredible display of traditional marketing and adds an attention-grabbing modern twist. I have no doubt it proved successful for building brand awareness and interest towards their scheme. I mean, who doesn't want huge taps of money pouring out of their taps.


Looking for marketing campaign inspiration? Head over the my marketing swipe file.

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