Marketer, dog person, family man and coffee drinker.

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My name is Jack Willoughby, and I am a marketing professional born in Wiltshire, living in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Throughout my life, I've approached every challenge with enthusiasm, creativity, and a continuous desire to achieve success. This passion and drive have paved the way to countless opportunities, unique experiences and excellent personal and professional relationships. I've worked on a wide range of marketing projects, for businesses in e-commerce, fashion, fitness, finance and events. I have two degrees, including a Masters in Marketing from the University of Exeter. I am also part of the chartered institute of marketing as a ACIM. I believe marketing is the driver to shaping the future of brands, businesses and societal change.

I'm a marketing professional that likes to connect the dots between ideas and reality with marketing strategy.

My Skills.

Developed overtime, built through graft and established through grit.

Brand Building

Creating a powerful brand that can be recognised, understood and loved with identity, story and purpose. Brand strategy, communication strategy, brand identity and story.

Digital Marketing

Flourishing in the digital world and maximising ROI with powerful digital activity. Social media, email marketing, paid ads, content marketing, website design, SEO, automations and PPC.

Creative Direction

Creative direction is at the heart of great video, advertising, branding and photography. By providing a clear vision and strong ideas, you can create a storytelling masterpiece.

Combining traditional and digital marketing strategies to plan, execute and optimise cross-channel campaigns. Print, digital, business objectives and everything in-between.

Connecting Dots

Want better results from your marketing strategy? Ask for advice.

Valued Collabs.