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3 Reasons Why Your Home Workout Isn't Effective

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Working out from home doesn't mean you lose all your hard-earned progress. In fact, you can still make massive progressive with or without equipment. However, there are 3 common mistakes everyone is making and here is how you can fix them!

1. Not training hard enough!

It's simple, overload is a very important factor to training and getting results. I know it's hard training at home, I know it's hard to keep motivated in the place where you rest (23 hours a day atm). So make your training as effective as possible! Train to near failure if you do not have adequate weights. There have been thousands of studies proving that training to failure with lighter resistance can elicit protein synthesis and muscle development.

2. There are other overload techniques you can try

There are ways you can create progressive overload and increase the difficulty of your training other than just going heavier and heavier:

  • Increase number of reps

  • Increase volume of training

  • Increase the frequency of training

  • Increase the intensity of effort

  • Alter time under tension

  • Supersets, tri-sets, giants sets, all the sets!

3. Inadequate space, location or room of training

Don't do it in your living room with Gogglebox on in the background. Find yourself a workout space ideally in the garden (if the weather is nice) or in a cool room such as the garage. Ideally, make it a room you do not go in often, this can be psychologically helpful. If you've followed me for a while, you will know I am not a fan of training at home, it's hard to get motivated. Unfortunately, some of us do not have a choice at the moment. So, find a unique workout space and when you are ready to train, as soon as you step into that room treat it like walking into the gym! You're here and let's kill it!

Final Thoughts

A lot of people are struggling with their workouts and are becoming demotivated with the lack of results, the equipment they are used too. I am telling you now, you can still make incredible progress from training at home. Follow these three tips and you're on your way to getting back on track and smashing your health and fitness goals!

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