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5 Important Benefits of Having a Google Business Profile

Google is the most used search engine in the world and boasts a massive 92% of Worldwide Search Engine Market Share. Meaning that roughly 9 out of 10 people use Google over any other search engine such as Bing, Yahoo or Yandex to find out information online.

Since Google has become so popular, it’s important to set up your business with a Google Business Profile. Having a business profile on Google makes it easy for customers to find you and discover everything they need to know about you and your product or services.

But what is a Google Business Profile? And what are the benefits? Let’s find out why this free tool should be a fundamental part of your digital marketing arsenal.

What is Google Business Profile?

A Google Business Profile is a free business listing through Google that helps your business show up in local search results, giving you a leg up on the competition. It also provides potential customers with key information about your business, such as your hours, location, and contact information. Creating and optimising your Google Business Profile is essential for local SEO success, especially if you own a small local business.

Fact: Did you know, 64% of consumers have used Google Business Profiles to find contact information for a local business.

What is the difference between Google My Business and Google business profile?

Google My Business (GMB) and Google Business Profile (GBP) are the same thing and it's just the case of a renaming. Because GBP was formerly Google My Business, the benefits of the original tool is still there, but now with added enhancements to help business owners promote their business across Google. In return, GBP can help customers connect and find the businesses they are looking for faster and easier using Google search.

Google has stated that the change is being made in order to “keep things simple”. The Google My Business app will be retired completely.

What are the benefits of Google Business Profile?

There are many benefits of having a Google Business Profile for your local business. Of course, one of the main reasons is to make sure your business is on Google, appears in Google search results and customers can find your business information.

Here are 5 important benefits that will have you creating a Google Profile today.

1) Your Business Will Show Up on Google Maps

Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that it helps your business show up in Google Maps when people search for businesses in your area. This can be a great way to attract new customers, as they will be able to easily find your business and see what you have to offer.

2) You Can Control How Your Business Appears To Potential Customers

Another benefit of having a Google Business Profile is that it allows you to control how your business appears in search results. This means that you can include important information such as your business hours, contact information, and website address. This can help potential customers learn more about your business before they even visit your website or step foot in your store.

3) You Can Get Insights About Customers

Having a Google Business Profile gives you access to valuable data about how customers interact with your business online. You can see how many people have viewed your profile, and you can even track how many people click through to your website from your profile. This data can be extremely useful in understanding what marketing strategies are working well for your business and where you might need to make some improvements.

4) Google Business Profile is a Free Tool

Google My Business is an easy and agile tool that can help boost visibility for your business. You can create and verify your profile in just a few hours. Once you're verified, you can start working on your Google Business Profile right away. You can also use Google My Business to manage your online information and connect with customers..

5) It Allows People To Leave Reviews

A study by Moz reveals that online reviews are believed to a very important factor to how search engines rank results. Therefore, If you want your business to be visible in the search results, you must make it simple for your customers to give a positive evaluation of your business using GBPs. Positive reviews also increase trust amongst consumers - a key factor within the decision making process.

Is a Google business account worth it?

A Google business account is a great way to manage your online presence, increase your businesses visibility and generate customers. It also gives you access to tools like Analytics, which can help you track your website's performance and understand your customers better. Overall, a Google business account is definitely worth it!

Tip: If you want to work in social media, it's important to know how to use Google Business Profiles. Most roles in this field include managing Google Profiles as part of the job responsibilities.

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