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5 Essential Components of Good Web Content

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

The content on your website should be high up on your agenda within your content marketing strategy.

No matter how great your site's design and functionality, it's useless if people don't visit and engage with it.

Good web content means delivering interesting, helpful, and specific information to your target audience.

1) Target Your Persona

whiteboard with word audience written on it

Create a persona on your niche audience

The marketing persona is a representation of your ideal audience.

It is a made-up person with the characteristics and behaviours specific to your business and audience.

It is an essential tool when creating a successful marketing strategy.

You should create a marketing persona using qualitative and quantitative research, interviews, and observations.

Note - When collecting data to build your persona, inform your research participants how the data will be used and information about you and your business.

The persona should be realistic in portraying the individual or group you are trying to reach with your marketing content. This means that it should not include any unrealistic expectations about what they will do when presented with particular messages or offers from you, such as buying something.

Create content in the right tone of voice and language for your persona

Your brand's tone of voice is the way you choose to communicate to your audience, and it is the attitude your brand takes when communicating with their audience.

The tone of voice is a big part of how you want to be perceived by your audience.

It's important to understand the tone of voice that you want for your brand and use it consistently in all content marketing efforts.

A persona is an archetype or fictional character created by marketers or designers representing a segment or target market for a product, service, or idea.

Marketers create personas to help them better understand their target customers and design better products for them.

2) The Golden 3 Objectives

Blue wall with arrow on


The first objective you can choose with your website content is to educate audiences. In other words, provide them value around your niche or topic.

Give them something to learn and take away to use for themselves.

You can achieve this by sharing your personal experience of what has worked, providing tips or insights about something or providing helpful tools.

People want to learn something!


Some audiences are not too bothered about learning something new, but they want to be entertained.

Share something funny, use a comedic tone of voice, share something interesting in your website content.

This objective is for audiences who don't want to learn something but drift away somewhere else and escape reality.

Solve A Problem

This objective makes your audience face up to reality.

Everyone has problems!

And everyone likes to avoid them!

Show your audience that they don't have to avoid their problems any longer and that you have the answers they seek.

You can do this by providing step-by-step guides or answers for common problems your audience faces.

3) Clarity Is Not Good But Super Good ;)

Someone holding glasses up

Was my headline hard to read? Did you have to read it a few times to understand it?

Well, that clears up my point.

If no one understands what you are talking about, you've failed.

Make sure your website content is clear and straightforward to understand.

To help you achieve this, here are some tips.

  • Write shorter sentences

  • Check over your content

  • Add bullet points

  • Add summaries

  • Stick to active voice

4) Optimise Everything

Laptop on table with coffee

Website content should also be geared for SEO.

Otherwise, you're dropping your chances of getting organic traffic to your new amazing content.

To optimise for SEO, do the following:

  • Perform keyword research around the topic (use sites like Ubersuggest to help)

  • Optimise your page title

  • Optimise your meta-description

  • Optimise your headers

  • Optimise your body text

  • Add alt-text to images

  • Make sure your page URL is also optimised

5) Communicate Using Visuals

Paint brushes

A picture speaks a thousand words.

And the most important thing about your website is to make sure that it's designed to attract attention and get visitors to stay on your website.

As a rule of thumb, always use high-quality images or videos.

If you don't have professional-looking visuals, hire a graphic designer, photographer or videographer to take care of it.

Many free stock photo sites will help you save a ton of money. Some of my favourites are:

Note - Make sure that your website has a few interactive features, such as video, testimonials, blog posts, and social media widgets. Having these will make visitors engage with your website and feel more connected.

Wrapping Up

Website content is so essential in today's world.

Everything is transitioning to more and more digital.

You either need to adapt to the digital landscape or risk being left behind.

Choose your website's content based on your objective.

Write for your persona. If you don't have a persona created already, do this before anything else.

Work on clarity by making sure your writing is easy to read and adapted to different communication types.

Optimise SEO by adding niche and specific keywords to help gain organic traffic.

Make it visual, add videos, images and graphics to your content.

There you have it, five essential components of good web content. Follow these tips, and you should see an improvement in your engagement, traffic and conversions.

What's Next?

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