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Pro Tip: Supercharge Your Ad Creative With Text and Happy Faces

happy smiling person with the blog title 'Supercharge your ad creative with text and happy faces' overlay.
Text + Happy Faces = Good Ads!

After countless hours creating, testing and analysing data from Facebook Ad campaigns, I’ve discovered a gem of a strategy that performs exceptionally well.

And now I think it's time to share it with you!

Believe it or not, the magic lies in using text within your ad creative.

I know..I know! This breaks the common rule! But sometimes, rules are meant to be broken.

Just as you’re engaged reading this post right now (hopefully - thank you), incorporating text in your ad creatives, results in impressive performance boosts.

The Power of Text Overlays

But hold on; it’s not just any text we’re on about here – we need jaw-dropping attention grabbing textual overlay!

Whether it’s bold statements or punchy propositions like “Here’s what I’d do if I had to start over”, this strategy is about making your audience stop mid-scroll and pay attention to what you’re saying.

Example of a good ad that shows Nectar promoting Jord oat drink with an ad that has image and text overlay
Source: FB Ad Library

Harness Positivity

But wait… there’s more!

Have you ever noticed how seeing happy people in ads makes you feel? Well, their attractive smiles aren’t just for show. It turns out they are powerful tools to hook people into your ads.

So take note: always aim to include happy people within your creatives whenever possible.

Why? Because we humans are social creatures who respond positively to seeing other joyous humans — it’s simply how our brains work!

Pepsi Max ad which shows a happy face and text overlay
Source: FB Ad Library

Layout Matters

Now let’s talk about layout before we wrap things up.

Consider how our brains naturally read - top to bottom and left to right.

You want users’ eyes drawn first to salient elements like a happy person image for example, then landing on the brand logo, and finally resting on the enticing value proposition text.

In short, align your visuals with directional reading flow; it undoubtedly leads to more effective communication of your message.

Oh! And don’t shy away from using bright colours either. You know why? They act as neon signs in a dark alley breaking through the monotonous scroll of one’s newsfeed and voila! You’ve grabbed their attention again.


  • Use attention-grabbing textual overlays

  • Feature happy people

  • Align images with natural reading flow

  • Brightly coloured images are a win

And that’s all folks – some hot-off-the-press tips directly from my marketing cookbook for anyone looking forward to levelling-up their ad game.

Remember - advertising isn’t merely about promoting products; it’s about telling compelling stories that resonate with audiences!

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Stay tuned until next time when I’ll be back with another explosive tip.

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Jul 21, 2023

Insightful perspective! Thanks for sharing

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