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Write Social Media Copy That Engages Your Audience

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Writing social media captions can sometimes feel like a waste of time.

You can spend ages creating what you think is a funny, compelling and fantastic caption for no one else to think so.

So, what can you do?

Why not try a proven marketing copywriting formula and adapt it to your social media captions.

I'm talking about AIDA.

What does AIDA stand for?

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. A formula marketers use to create engaging copy or campaigns. It is based on the theory that humans are motivated by four basic desires: to be noticed, to be interested, to desire something, and to take action.

So if you want your social media captions to grab attention, motivate your audience and take action, using AIDA will help you get there.

Although not the easiest formula to use, it will be the most effective if you get it right.


Attention is one of the most important aspects of the formula for a brand.

If nobodies interested in your copy, they won't explore what you have to offer.

That's why hooking the reader in is the first step to using the AIDA model.

The first thing to do is create a persuasive headline. Remember that approximately 80% of people read only headlines.

Compelling headline copywriting strategies include:

  • Use urgency: Urgency implies that the reader needs to take action, or they will miss out on something worthwhile. For example, "Only 17 hours left on this one-time-only deal". This is often used in flash sales.

  • Make it ultra-specific: Being too vague with your headlines will confuse and uninterested the audience. You need to be as specific as possible to make the reader feel like you're talking to them. For example, "Don't Let Hayfever Ruin Your Summer, Try This Home-Remedy Today".

  • Use numbers: For some reason, we find numbers in headlines more fascinating. Compare these two headlines and see which one intrigues you more. Option A, "How I Made a Living From Blogging", versus Option B, "How I Made £100,000 This Year From Blogging". The latter is much more compelling.

  • Add emotional words: The purchasing process and other things in business are primarily emotional. You can attune to this and get people's attention by leveraging emotionally charged words and phrases.

You can use tools such as CoSchedule's Headline Analyser to help you create SEO-friendly, high-impact headlines.

Secret Tip: I often use Crazy Eggs' Best Headlines article to help inspire my social media copywriting and blog headlines.

You can create attention within the beginning by:

  • Asking a question

  • Including an interesting statistic

  • Using a related quote

  • Making a bold statement

  • Play on mistakes or issue a warning

  • Begin with a comparison

Once you have a killer headline for your social media caption or post, move on to the interest stage!


Attention is meant to hook the audience, bold and direct.

Interest, on the other hand, is much more subtle.

You can achieve interest by first making sure your caption is well formatted. Use short sentences, use language that resonates with the audience, establish a friendly voice, and create a logical order of points.

This prevents readers from becoming confused or disinterested, helping them to move through the caption in a natural and logical order.

Use facts, and list out benefits that help the audience. For example, "With a Smart Car, you would have no trouble finding a parking space in a busy city and save over 20% on fuel costs. Not to forget, you'll reduce dangerous emissions by over 30%, helping you save stress, time and the planet."

Disclaimer: Obviously, I feel like I have to say this, the example above is entirely fictional, and I am no one referencing accurate information.

Use interest to elaborate on what initially generated the reader's attention.

Once you have done this, it's time for the next step.


Humans are selfish.

There is nothing we like more than being the centre of attention.

Everyone wants to know what's in it for them.

After creating attention and interest, it's now time to talk about the benefits of your product, service, social post, etc.

To do this well, you must consider what your audience truly wants. Perhaps it's a primal desire they aren't aware of themselves or something more obvious.

Either way, focus on that aspect at this point in your copy, and it will get them desperate for more.


Now it's time to reap some benefits of our hard graft!

You have written fantastic copy if the audience has made it all this way.

The reader loved your headline, the introduction got them interested more, and you've managed to arouse a large amount of desire.

Now it's time to help them take action.

Whether you want them to like the post, follow you, comment, check out something in your bio or dm you, there needs to be a call to action. ( A statement that tells the reader what to do next).

It all depends on your copy and the reason you are creating the social post, but here are some ideas:

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Suggested Reading:


Examples: Social Media Copywriting AIDA

Here are three examples from various industries to help you draw inspiration for your next social media post:

Small Business Financial Help

Attention: Want to know how to keep your small business profitable and flexible even in tough times?

Interest: Learn the secrets of small businesses that thrived in an economic downturn.

Desire: 'Recession-Proof Your Small Business!' is a step-by-step e-book on how you can grow and survive the recession. Get the secrets behind planning, profit margins, and finding new markets.

Action: Download this free 'Recession-Proofing Your Small Business' e-book by clicking the link in the bio!

Fitness Trainers

Attention: Get top fitness trainers, personal training, and nutritionists to help you lose weight this summer!

Interest: In summer 2022, your goal should be to feel confident, be healthy and look fantastic. Enlist skilled professionals' help by getting one-on-one personal training sessions with experienced trainers and nutritionists.

Desire: We have helped over 10,000 clients get in the best shape of their lives. Our professional, affordable personal training services will say hello to your new body this summer.

Action: Find the best trainers in your area by browsing our online directory (link in bio). We will match you with the team that suits you best based on your fitness goals, budget, and location.

SEO Agency

Attention: Our SEO marketing agency uses all the latest technology and methods to get you found on Google.

Interest: When you use our SEO marketing agency, you'll know that your website is in the safe hands of a team who knows their stuff and cares about your success. You'll get personalised service and support, ready-made marketing and strategic plans, and a complete set of tools you can use to grow your business.

Desire: We're an award-winning SEO marketing agency with a proven track record for success - we have over 5 million satisfied customers worldwide. Regardless of your marketing needs, we can build an online strategy that will lead to more customers and profits.

Action: Work with our SEO marketing agency today! DM us to get started.

Conclusion: Write Social Media Copy That Engages Your Audience

One of the most effective social media copywriting formulas is AIDA.

AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

It is based on the theory that humans are motivated by four basic desires: to be noticed, to be interested, to desire something, and to take action.

If you want your social media captions to grab attention and motivate your audience to take action, using AIDA will help you get there.

Using AIDA is not the most straightforward formula, but if you get it right, it will be the most effective.


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