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Be Bold. Be Cheeky. Be Like Surreal

Be Bold. Be Cheeky. Be Like Surreal

Surreal Cereal's new marketing campaign uses high-profile names of everyday people to showcase the brand.

Surreal Cereal's latest marketing campaign is a creative and attention-grabbing approach that uses non-celebrity endorsements to promote their brand.

By using billboards featuring high-profile names of just your average person, such as a bus driver named Dwayne Johnson, the company was able to generate buzz and engage with consumers in a unique way.

This approach is a great example of how brands can use humour to stand out in a crowded market and connect with their audience in an unexpected way.

The takeaway for marketers and businesses is the importance of thinking outside the box and coming up with creative and engaging marketing campaigns that truly resonate with their target audience


- Surreal Cereal used fake endorsements to gain attention

- Used high-profile names of average people

- Used billboards to display their message

- Used humour to engage their audience

- Highlighted the unique and fun nature of their brand.

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