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Can Marketers Save The Planet?

There is no doubt that we live in a time of great environmental awareness and activism. From the Extinction Rebellion protests to the rise of veganism, people have started to think more consciously about how their everyday choices impact the planet.

In this climate, it is more important than ever for marketers to be aware of their environmental impact and seek ways to mitigate it. Can marketing save the planet?

Let's explore some of how marketers can help reduce environmental impact.

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Can Marketers Save The Planet? By Jack Willoughby

Why Marketers?

Before we go any further into the topic, I think it's a good idea to justify why marketers can make an impact.

Firstly, our main aim, skill or ability is to change consumers or society's perception of a need or desire.

So why can't we do the same for the environment?

Let's include fundamental advice and information to educate and inspire action amongst society to make a change.

How do we do this? Through a more sustainable marketing approach or green marketing.

Sustainable Marketing

In today's world, marketing and business go hand in hand with social responsibility. Sustainable marketing is a way for brands to show their commitment to the environment and their customers.

Sustainable marketing is a movement that focuses on the long-term preservation of the environment, society, and the company's reputation instead of quick sales and profits. Sustainable marketing is a way to make your brand focus on the bigger picture outside of internal affairs.

To succeed with sustainable marketing, you need to be knowledgeable about important issues to your target market and your brand's effects on the environment.

You also need to know how your brand can make a positive impact. There are many different ways to incorporate sustainable marketing into your business. But It's fundamentally about creating awareness of a better future that won't harm the environment or humanity. Sustainability includes environmental degradation, climate change, inequality and poverty to achieve peace and justice with nature.

Green Marketing

When it comes to marketing, green marketers have a lot of room to manoeuvre. It can be done in various ways-promoting environmentally friendly products, building an image that is sensitive to the environment and being eco-friendly with your production process.

But one thing stands out about this new era when you're trying to go green: it's not enough to say they are going "green" for companies and brands alike.

Greenwashing occurs when businesses use environmental ideals without actually living them - which unfortunately causes more people who might otherwise support such efforts to look at what's behind all the pretty packaging and nice-sounding words.

This type of marketing/business can be expensive, but it can also be profitable. For some consumers and brands, the environmental benefit outweighs the price.

What's the Difference Between Green Marketing and Sustainable Marketing?

The key difference is that green marketing focuses more on the environment, whereas sustainable marketing takes a broader view of society and its future.

How Can Marketers Save The Planet?

Marketers can start by looking at ways to improve their current brand or business's impact on the planet (without Greenwashing).

Next, once they're in, stay committed and move into more sustainable marketing by slowly making your products better for the environment, people and the community around you.

Either way, in the great words of Tescos, "Every little helps", So do your part, fellow marketers.

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