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Greenhushing is happening!

58% of companies recently indicated they are cutting back on sustainability-related communications. 

A man in a suit holds a yellow smiley face balloon while standing in a forested area with fallen trees and debris representing greenhushing.
Greenhushing is the new greenwashing. Photo generated by Ai

What exactly is greenhushing? 

Simply put, it’s when companies deliberately reduce communication about their sustainability efforts.


According to the carbon project developer and climate consultancy South Pole, which released its annual Net Zero report in January based on a survey of 1,400 companies, more than half (58%) are reducing their sustainability-related communications.

The data shows that, for the first time ever, greenhushing is happening in every major industry sector.

It’s a strange turn in events, considering that climate change is still an increasingly important matter amongst consumers (especially younger generations). 

It seems that instead of looking for ways to improve sustainability efforts, marketers prefer to risk being called out for greenwashing. They are focusing on different ways of publicising data and information around sustainability initiatives. Maybe the silence is less risky than overstating modest gains.


What do you think? Does it seem like brands aren’t talking about sustainability as much as they were a couple of years ago?

Comment your thoughts.


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