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The Unwelcome Inn - Stay At The Grinch's

This Christmas, your Dr Seuss dreams can come true.

The Dr Seuss team have teamed up with Vacasa to provide a unique holiday experience at Mt. Crumpit Cave. The home of our favourite and grumpy Dr Seuss's character, the Grinch.

Uh-huh, you heard right!

You can stay at the Grinch's house this Christmas!

Located just outside of Boulder, Utah, the hand-carved cave sits within the side of a large stone mountain.

The home has multiple levels and covers 5,700 square feet.

The cave stay comes with a fully stocked kitchen, a cosy master bedroom, guest bedroom, study and a music room that features the Grinch's organ and Max's drum set.

You can also find lot's of the Grinch's gadgets, like his furry green armoire, large eccentric machine, a full body brush and more.

You can enjoy this once in a lifetime experience for just $19.57 per night! This price is in honour of the book's original 1957 release.

You can book your unique Grinch's experience on Vacasa's website starting Friday, December 3, for stays leading up to Christmas from December 13-23.

I hope you feel as excited about this as I do!

Check out the incredible images below.

Drop me a comment if you would stay here!

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