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What Humans Could Look Like In The Future

ITV recently released an article discussing what humans could look like in the year 3000 and it doesn’t make for pretty reading.

According to new research, future humans could have smaller brains, second eyelids, and hunched backs due to overusing technology. It is thought that looking down at mobile phones and spending hours sitting at a computer screen could impact how we develop over time.

After conducting extensive research and consulting with experts, US technology company has created a 3D model of a potential future human called 'Mindy'.

Excessive use of technology can lead to physical and mental health problems, according to researchers. They said that the "exaggerated" changes to the body can be indicative of such damage.

The full changes to the body include:

  • Hunched back

  • Text claw

  • 90-degree elbow

  • Tech neck

  • Thicker skull

  • Smaller brain

  • Second eyelid

3d model of what a human could look like in the year 3000
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Arched Backs

Modern tech devices like smartphones and computer monitors have a significant impact on posture. This is because we consistently have to look down at or up at our devices to use them.

Text Claw

A condition called "text claw" occurs when you consistently grip your smartphone and curl your fingers, causing unnatural pressure on certain parts of the hand. This can lead to cubital tunnel syndrome, which is when pain and numbness occurs due to pressure on the ulnar nerve.

90-Degree Elbow

Text claw and 90-degree elbow (or cubital tunnel syndrome) are both caused by the same type of unnatural behaviour - holding the arm in a particular position for a long time, usually with the elbow bent. This can cause numbness or a tingling sensation in the ring and little fingers, forearm pain, and weakness in the hands.

Tech Neck

The effects of technology on the neck have resulted in a new condition called "tech neck." The muscles in the back of the neck have to contract to hold your head up when you are working on a computer or looking down at your phone. The more you look down, the harder the muscles have to work to keep your head up. These muscles can get overly tired and sore.

Thicker Skull

The research on the effect of technology on the brain is mainly focused on smartphones, and there are concerns that radio frequency radiation emitted from smartphones could cause serious health implications when exposed to the brain. Studies have shown that the effects on children are more severe because they have less developed skulls that absorb more radiation. Therefore, we can expect to have developed a slightly thicker skull to protect our brains from the effects of technology.

Smaller Brains

Some scientists believe that human brains are shrinking because of advancements in technology. The theory is that as technology has made survival easier, so there is no longer a need for evolutionary advantage to having a large brain.

Second Eye-Lid

The last change is a strange one - experts believe that we will have eyes that can filter out harmful light from screens to protect us from eye strain and blindness.

Final Thoughts - What Humans Could Look Like in 1000 Years!

Although these are some of the most shocking possible changes, it's important to remember that they're just speculation. The changes could well be many, varied, and wildly different to what we see today.

The 3D model of Mindy in's article is not meant to be a prediction of what the world will look like in another thousand years, but rather a look at the possible risks that could affect our bodies, health, and society as the technology continues to advance.

It's worth noting that most of these changes are a result of people looking down at their phones or computers for hours on end. This is because these devices have become central to so many aspects of life, from work to relationships to entertainment. We are starting to see these negative changes in our own lives, as well as in the lives of those around us.

As marketers, online entrepreneurs and creative, what are your thoughts on the impact our current digital consumption will have on the way we evolve? Do you believe it?

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