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3 Critical Content Mistakes You Might Be Making

I was happy making content. Sharing value and writing about topics that I was passionate about.

It was fun. I enjoyed it and still do.

But there comes a time when creating content has a different motive.

For example, sales, lead generation or customer-relationship building.

Flipping from creating content for fun to producing content for a return was not as easy as I thought.

Before I commenced, I began reading every book and every blog and watching all the videos. Looking to learn how to produce better actionable content.

I was motivated and excited, thinking this would be easy.

But then, no results were coming in.

At first, I began to question my style. Then my ability.

I referred back to what I had learned and even started to read more information.

Then it hit me.

What if I stopped following the rules and went with gut instinct?

Like I used to. Going back to my roots of writing content for fun.

I quickly realised that my content was coming across as non-human, like a sales robot that only cared about making money.

When I started focusing on creating content to solve problems, provide value and build connections, the results began to come in.

Not only that, I found out that the same 3 mistakes were the cause of most of my problems.

Keep reading if you are stuck in a rut because your content isn't producing! I might be able to help reverse your issues.

The 3 Critical Content Mistakes You're Making.

1/ Focusing Too Much On Results

Results are the end goal!

It's the reward for a valuable piece of content.

However, the results must be the impact rather than the motive.

Your content should not focus on gaining results but on providing value to your audience.


Well, mainly because what the audience decides to do when taking in your content is simply out of your control.

It's impossible to predict what they will love, ignore, share and support.

All you can do is offer them a fresh, valuable and sincere perspective on topics that matter to them and your brand.

2/ Being Way To Strategic

Yes, I sound contradictive because my whole business and career are about being strategic.

But sometimes, clever strategy is also reactive.

Your content needs to be dynamic, just like your audience.

New events happen every day, and you can ride the train or get lost on your own tracks.

Yes, map out your strategy and execute it, but don't be scared to derail and react to moments.

Remember: Your strategy often serves your own agenda, and the audience doesn't care for it.

3/ Not Being Themselves

We all know when someone isn't quite themselves.

Whether it's a family member or friend hiding their genuine emotions in public.

We can always sense when someone are not being themselves.

The same goes for brands. An ungenuine voice with an unrelated confusing agenda will cause negative perceptions and no results.

That's why having a strong brand strategy with a clear identity is essential.

Everything you do must align with your brand guidelines.

Otherwise, you'll be alien to your own audience.

Conclusion: 3 Critical Content Mistakes Your Brand Is Making

While it can be tempting to focus on the results, you need to ensure you are also being you.

Your content is your best when it offers value and sounds genuine to your brand identity.

Also, make sure you are not scared to adapt, change up and scrap your strategy if needs must. Sometimes, being reactive is also good strategy.

Remember: Your audience will remember how you made them feel, what you taught them and if they feel connected to you. If you manage to do any of these things, they will be more likely to support you, and you will then get the results.

Thanks for reading.

If you're looking to get more from your content, check out my e-book, 40 Simple Hacks For Creating Amazing Content.

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