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How To Get More Fitness Clients Using Flyers

Flyers can bring you instant success for your fitness business.

The idea of print media may seem old-fashioned, but trust me when I say it still works. The same is true for other traditional print marketing materials like posters, brochures, and direct mailers.

Just because people spend all their time on the internet doesn't mean that they won't appreciate some physical marketing collateral coming their way.

And, if you combine digital marketing with print marketing, you can create a campaign that is effective at attracting clients.

Want to learn the best ways to use flyers to bring new clients? Keep reading.

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Fitness Flyers That Converts Clients By Jack Willoughby


What Is The Best Design For A Fitness Business Flyer?

There is no right or wrong design for your flyers.

Following these five rules will ensure your flyer looks impressive and exciting to clients.

1) Think about the headline

The headline should accurately and realistically convey what your company or product can do for the consumer.

2) Choose the right fonts

There is nothing worse than getting a flyer with eligible fonts! It just hurts your brain. When choosing your fonts, think clean and easy to read.

3) Keep the design consistent

Use the same text and colours throughout the flyer design. Too many shifts in themes or styles will lead to an ugly design.

4) Organise content and avoid clutter

Group related items together. Use columns, borders, or boxes to organise ideas, although avoid putting too much on your flyer as this will look messy.

Note: Always remember to have plenty of space to let your design breathe.

5) Choose quality over quantity

One nice high-resolution image is much better than loads of images. Remember, pictures can say a thousand words.

Once you have your fitness flyer design, print it out, check for errors and even ask others what they think before approving the design.

How Do I Make A Fitness Flyer Look Professional?

A poorly designed flyer that looks like someone made it using word, won't convert well.

On the other hand, a professional, highly visual, and professionally branded flyer will have your phone ringing all day and night.

Here are five tips to make sure your fitness flyer design looks professional.

1) Branding, branding, branding

Make sure you have your logo, colours, and fonts sorted and used correctly, following your brand guidelines and design best practices.

2) Use bullet points

People digest information very quickly and skim-read most of the time. Make it easy for people to do that.

3) Add a call-to-action

Tell people what you want them to do at the end of the flyer. For example, call this number, email me, visit my website etc.

4) Add contact details

Why are you sending a flyer if they can't find you or get in touch with you?

5) Choose the right paper

Printing on thin and rubbish paper will only add to a poor experience. Show prospects that you are the real deal and get high-quality paper and printing done.

What Design Tools Are Best For Creating Fitness Flyers?

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With these design tips in mind, many free tools are available with thousands of templates ready to go.

All you have to do is customise and make it specific to your fitness business.

Here are three of my go-to graphic design tools available on the internet.

1) Canva

All-round most outstanding design tool available today. It has thousands of templates for material beyond just flyers.

It's simple to use and high-customisable.

You can even order your flyers straight from the editor itself.

2) Crello

Pretty much an alternative for Canva. Crello is a Vistaprint product, meaning that you can get your designs printed fast, easily and budget-friendly.

Ok, if you're more advanced than the last two tools, you can try and use advanced editing software such as Indesign or Illustrator to design your fitness flyers.

You will have more control over the design and more functions to express yourself.

How To Get Leads From Your Fitness Flyers

Creating an excellent fitness flyer is one thing, actually using them to get clients is another.

Here are three ways you can get clients using flyers.

1) Include a trial

A typical promotional tactic you can include on the flyer is offering a free session if they bring the flyer to you.

2) Include a discount

A less common but highly-effective tactic is to offer a discount if they bring you the flyer or use a code (if you're an online fitness business).

3) Include an incentive

Lastly, you could offer a free product, gift or incentive if they bring the flyer to you. For example, I have seen personal trainers offer Gymshark vouchers if they purchase a training package.

Ways To Distribute Your Fitness Flyers

Ok, you have a fantastic flyer design and a great lead tactic. Now how do you get your flyers out there?

1) Place in local businesses

You can ask local businesses with a high traffic footfall if they would kindly place your flyer at the entrance. Just make sure the company is not a competitor.

2) Place in gym

Placing your fitness flyer in a gym works fantastic if you're a personal trainer or online coach. Just pop a few at reception, in the changing room and even the toilets.

3) go door-to-door

Nothing beats a bit of manual graft; go door-to-door in your local area and place your flyers through the letterbox. You never know who might be interested.

4) Go digital

You have a great flyer design, so why not email it to your contacts list? This can be just as effective a tactic like any other.

5) Go social

Social media is a powerful tool in the fitness businesses arsenal. Put your flyer up on your Instagram story or Facebook page and ask people to share it with their followers.


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Wrapping Up

Now it's time to go out and get more fitness clients using your flyer design.

The idea of print media may seem old-fashioned, but it can still be highly effective, especially for a fitness business.

To ensure your flyer looks impressive and exciting to clients, follow the tips and best practices outlined in this article.

Remember to entice your potential client with an inventive, add a call to action, and make sure your branding is on point.


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Thanks for reading,

Jack Willoughby

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