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The Importance of Digital Marketing For Small Businesses

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Today's people spend more time online than ever before. If you look at statistics that deal with people's Internet use, this looks like it will continue increase for years to come. Google, Facebook, Amazon, and others have long been an integral part of our lives. With all its possibilities, the Internet has become an integral part of both professional and private life.

The Importance of Digital Marketing For Small Businesses
The Importance of Digital Marketing For Small Businesses. 7 Reasons.

This shift areas of life to the Internet, such as through communication with friends, family or clients. It has even changed how consumers or ourselves now shop. We know the big industry players have adapted their business strategies to focus on online marketing. For this reason, we now come to the question, "Why is online marketing important for small businesses?"

The Growing Market of Online Marketing

The first and significant factor was mentioned at the beginning. Since more people are on the Internet longer, online marketing is a steadily and rapidly growing market.

In e-commerce, in particular, sales are skyrocketing, and Amazon is probably the best example of this. While the focus on customers is probably the number-one success factor at Amazon, this would only be of secondary importance if customers did not buy online.

There are 2.4 billion people on the Internet ready to buy and can be encouraged to buy by advertisements, advertising texts, or promotional videos. Online marketing covers all of these advertising measures.

For this reason, good online marketing with strategies and measures is precisely the right investment for long-term success on the Internet.

Does Your Business "Really" Exist?

The following principle now applies: if you cannot be found on the Internet, you do not exist. It starts with a meaningful domain: ""

Moreover, additional meaningful domains, sub-domains, and sub-pages are essential to fetch the user content-wise in there search with needs-based and target-group-oriented content. Your overall branding can be improved through well-thought-out and planned online marketing, and new customers or employees can also be attracted to this attention to detail. More sales and profit will also follow.

Not Convinced Yet?

Here is why your small business needs to start Digital Marketing right now:

  1. Digital marketing saves resources. Many marketing approaches and processes cannot be implemented without digital technology or only with a disproportionate effort. Digital marketing increases efficiency dramatically.

  2. Markets, as well as customer needs and behaviours, are changing ever faster. Digital marketing is the only chance to react quickly enough to stay competitive.

  3. Marketing is essentially communication, widely ramified and networked. The necessary coordination alone and the mastery of a wide variety of communication channels and channels and content development require digital marketing as a consistent instrument.

  4. For reasons of cost, many companies can hardly afford purely analog (non-digital) marketing. Of course, you can also do digital marketing at an exclusive level and a high price - but usually, the same, at least one comparable measure is digitally cheaper.

  5. Reach and perceptibility are among the most valuable indicators in marketing. The importance of digital media is increasing to such an extent that significantly younger target groups can sometimes only be reached through it.

  6. Digital marketing also offers security, at least as an additional marketing pillar. The Corona crisis, for example, has destroyed many retailers that did not have any digital marketing tools, such as online shops.

  7. In many cases, it isn't easy to optimize the quality of products and services in a customer-oriented, quick, and cost-effective manner without using digital technologies. But this is critical to success because customers on the Internet compare and evaluate mercilessly.

What Now?

There is no alternative to online and digital marketing.

This conclusion may sound radical. But we're not talking about exotic companies here, but from medium-sized companies to one-person companies in the harsh wind of competition.

And today, it is primarily a matter of customer orientation, price-performance ratio, and the perception of the company or brand.

Even those who have occupied an exceptional niche must position this niche in marketing and assess how it will develop, which can only be done with digital tools.

Final point - Building winning digital marketing activities require having your finances in order. Here are some useful tips on how to find finance sources for your small business.

So for your good, please browse through my website, find out how I can fully help you, and contact me before your competitor does!

Thanks for reading :)

Jack Willoughby

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