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The Magic Number in Marketing - The Rule of Seven

A man standing in a city looking at lots of advertisements.
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Here’s a concept that’s as old as marketing itself yet as relevant today as ever: the Rule of Seven.

It’s one of those foundational ideas that has shaped not just how we approach marketing, but also how we can understand human interaction and communication in general.

The Rule of Seven simply states that a person needs to hear or see a brand’s message at least seven times before they take action. 

It sounds a bit excessive, doesn’t it? 

But when you pause and consider the constant barrage of information we all face daily, it starts to make sense.

It’s a concept that seems almost too simple at first glance, but its implications are far-reaching and deeply rooted in human psychology and behaviour.

The Rule of Seven is the idea that a prospective customer needs to see or hear a marketing message at least seven times before they take action and buy into it. 

Initially, I questioned the rationale behind this specific number. 

Why seven? 

It turns out, this rule taps into the way we process and retain information. 

We’re constantly inundated with information, so much so that our brains are wired to filter out most of it as background noise. 

But when we encounter a message repeatedly, it begins to make its way through our natural filters and sticks.

Applying the Rule of Seven in Real-World Marketing

A large building with a lot of advertisements on it.

In my own marketing efforts, I’ve seen how crucial it is to repeat key messages. 

This isn’t about mindless repetition, but about crafting a story that can be told in different ways while maintaining the core message. Each repetition is an opportunity to reinforce the narrative, to make it more familiar, and to build a level of trust with the audience.

I’ve also realised that the Rule of Seven isn’t just about the frequency of a message; it’s about the quality and the engagement level of each interaction. 

Each touchpoint with a potential customer is an opportunity to further embed your brand in their consciousness. 

This can be through various mediums — an ad, a blog post, a social media story, or even a conversation at a networking event. 

The key is to keep the core message consistent, yet fresh and engaging each time.

But here’s an interesting twist — it’s not just about the brand’s message being heard seven times. It’s about it being heard seven times in the right context. 

The surrounding environment, the mood of the audience, and the format of the message all play a crucial role in how the message is received and internalised.

Reflecting on this, I realise how the Rule of Seven goes beyond just a marketing tactic. It’s a deeper understanding of human communication. 

It’s about building familiarity, yes, but also about creating connections and relationships. 

It’s a reminder that in marketing, patience and persistence are as important as the message itself.

In a world where our attention spans are constantly challenged, applying the Rule of Seven could be the key to not just capturing attention but maintaining it. 

It’s about planting your message into your audience’s daily life, so when the time comes for them to make a decision, your brand is not just a choice, but a familiar and trusted option.

This understanding has transformed how I approach marketing strategies, not just for myself but for clients as well. 

Each campaign, each piece of content, each interaction is a continuation of the brands core message, adapting to their lives.

It’s fascinating, really, how this rule ties back to the essence of storytelling and human connection. In every story told, every message shared, the goal is to resonate, to become a memorable part of someone’s narrative. 

The Rule of Seven, in its simplicity, guides us to achieve just that — to become a voice that’s heard amid the cacophony, a voice that’s familiar and welcomed.

Stay tuned here for more insights and experiences from my marketing journey, where the blend of art, science, and human connection continues to fascinate and inspire.

Thanks for reading.


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