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9 YouTube SEO Tips To Rank Higher In 2022

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

So, you are putting all your efforts into scripting, shooting, editing, and uploading your videos on YouTube. Yet, despite fighting tooth and nail to reach viewers, your video rankings are showing no improvement.

Now I know you have heard of SEO and how it can help drive traffic to websites.

YouTube SEO is a little different, but the fundamentals are the same. It's all about relevancy.

Youtube SEO focuses on ranking videos, while regular SEO aims to improve websites' ranking.

This article might make you change your thinking around YouTube and what's needed to find success.

But don't worry, I'll explain how you can improve your YouTube SEO.

Juicy content:

  1. What is YouTube SEO?

  2. Why is YouTube SEO so Important for your channel?

  3. 9 tips to improve your YouTube SEO

What is YouTube SEO?

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YouTube SEO is a practice of optimising your videos according to the audience's interest to drive engagement and views to your channel.

How do you achieve that?

To put it in simple terms, you need to optimise video titles, descriptions, tags, video length, and more.

Remember that the more you can improve your SEO, the higher your video ranks and reach a wider audience.

Why is YouTube SEO So Important?

It's not 2010 anymore! YouTube is the second-most popular search engine right after Google. It receives more searches per month than Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and combined.

As of February 2020, more than 500 hours of video were uploaded to YouTube every minute! This highlights the importance of making your channel and video stand out from the crowd. SEO can help you by using targeted keywords that your audience searches.

However, it takes more than just keyword targeting to improve your YouTube SEO.

9 Tips To Improve Your YouTube SEO In 2022.

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1) YouTube Keyword Research

I know once again, I'm emphasising keywords, but it's an essential step to helping you improve your video rankings.

Here's the tricky part, unlike google SEO, YouTube, unfortunately, does not have an official keyword research tool.

Shame, right?

I have read claims that many 3rd party research tools are unreliable. Most of them pump out arbitrary numbers from google keyword planner. However, a reputable SEO company such as Ahrefs may be different. They have a YouTube SEO tool available which you can find here.

So, what's another solution?

YouTube suggested videos paired with google trends is a good start. However, this will require you to cross-check the YouTube suggestion and google trend for your upcoming video topics.

Again, there are tools out there. But I'm not sure how reliable they are. You could check out Tubebuddy or Vidiq's that offer Chrome extensions to help you optimise your videos.

2) On-Page Video Optimisation

Scripting, editing, and scheduling are tasks involved when uploading YouTube videos on the platform. You should also consider adding on-page video optimisation to your list in the future.

There are four essential elements of on-page video optimisation for better YouTube SEO:

1. Title

2. Description

3. Tags

4. Thumbnail

Each of these elements influences your videos' CTR (Click-through rate), which in return influences your videos rankings.

Title of The YouTube Video

  • Keep the primary keyword in the title.

  • Keep your titles under 60 characters

  • Create titles that evoke curiosity and not clickbait.

Searchable Description

Using the right keywords help to boost video views showing your content in search results. The description of the video helps to categorise your video.

  • Short and clear video descriptions work best.

  • Add links to any resources mentioned in the video.

  • Have a clear CTA such as, subscribe, follow or click on a particular link.

  • Link to your social media channels and your website.

  • Link and promote other content or videos you have created.


Research competitor tags and add them to your videos to make them more relatable.

Create Thumbnails That Deliver Your Title

Thumbnails are tricky, but they are the fun part, in my opinion. You can take various inspirations from your competitors.

But I recommend against using clickbait thumbnails. The main reason is that you can lose the trust of your audience once they start watching the video.

That's why you should design thumbnails to spark curiosity and not to lead them to an entirely irrelevant video.

Have fun with your thumbnail, experiment, and keep it as eye-catching as possible. Remember to keep it relevant to your video topic; otherwise, it will be considered clickbait.

3) In-videos Optimisation

Ok, we discussed tips to improve your on-page YouTube SEO.

What else can you do?

Well, video optimisation.

Remember, you create content to be consumed by users, not search engines or bots.

First of all, create great content that offers viewers value or entertainment. Not only will this increase your video retention rate, subscribers, but most likely other video views.

Here are some ideas to optimise your videos for better YouTube SEO results.

Add Subtitles & Captions

Many YouTube pros believe that bots read the caption to understand the videos' context better.

Add Cards

Cards are interactive features that tempt viewers to engage with your content more. Select any out of the five types of cards to display to your viewers. You can trigger the card at any time.

Add End screens

Like cards, the end screen can help you deliver a CTA at the end of your video. You can trigger an urge to consumers to subscribe to your channel. Alternatively, you can suggest your most popular or new videos to increase your watch time. The purpose of the end screen is to keep your audience engaged with the content on your channel.

4) Publish & Promote Your Channel

table with laptops and phones on

The first 24-48 hours after uploading your YouTube video is critical. You should promote it to your audience as much as you can!

You can use other marketing channels to do this. Try notifying your existing subscribers, the community you have built on discord, email it in a newsletter and reach out through Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Quora, etc.

5) Optimise For Session Watch Time

Session watch time is the total time a viewer watches videos on YouTube without leaving the platform.

YouTube rewards videos that the audience keeps watching.

The chances are that YouTube might promote it on their discovery feature. This feature brings more audience to YouTube and benefits your channel as well.

6) Create A Playlist

Think of Netflix, where you can binge-watch endless episodes one after the other. Episodes are displayed to stimulate your urge to keep watching.

YouTube playlists can work in a similar way. Create topics in the form of playlists to hook your audience. This can help to generate higher engagement rates compared to uncategorised uploaded videos.

7) Channel Page Optimisation

So, your recent video is performing pretty well and is attracting new audiences. Your channel page will likely be one of the most visited pages! What if some of them want to know more about you and your channel?

  • Arrange your playlist in order.

  • Upload a trailer or introduction to your channel video to connect with the audience better.

  • Add your achievements to show your authority over your content and how authentic your content is to visitors.

8) Get Featured On Another Channel

Being featured on another channel can bring huge traffic to your channel if done right.

Start by reaching out to channels related to your niche to share tips, tricks and insights that offer value.

In return, you could feature their channel on your next video. Collaborations can work wonders to boost awareness of your channel.

9) Improve Your YouTube Content

camera video recording people

There is a famous saying in marketing, 'The best marketing in the world cannot fix a bad product.'

No YouTube SEO hacks or marketing tricks will help your channel grow if your content sucks. Sorry to put it so bluntly.

Bringing out great content depends on how much effort and time you put into your work.

Spend time identifying what your viewers want to watch and hear from you. Then use SEO and other marketing activities as boosters to aid and spread your great content.

Final Point

In short, creating a winning and growing YouTube channel requires time, dedication and most importantly, understanding what viewers want to see. Be aware of on-page and in-video YouTube optimisation.

Use this blog on YouTube SEO tips as a tool to help you make better videos that drive traffic.

Don't forget to like and share this blog on your socials if you found it helpful.

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