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April Content Ideas - 15 Useful Ideas For What To Post

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

15 useful social media and blog post ideas you can use to dominate your online platforms in April 2021.

Another month, another fresh selection of content ideas for you to post in April 2021. If you missed March's idea list, head back and read the full blog. You might find the ideas there useful even for this month.

I've set time aside to share with you each month, relevant content ideas that you can use to grow your own platforms. All I ask in return is for you to give this post a like if you find them helpful. It encourages me to share more.


Copy these ideas directly and schedule them in your content posting calendar. Alternatively, take inspiration from these ideas and put your own twist on them.

Remember - blog posts are key content which can be broken down into mini bite size social media posts. When you write a blog post, aim to generate 3-10 social media posts or updates from it.

Disclaimer - this guide is suppose to be broad enough so all industries to draw inspiration from it.

April 2021

Key Dates

  • April Fools Day - 1st April

  • Good Friday - 2nd April

  • My Birthday - 3rd April ;)

  • Easter Sunday - 4th April

  • World Health Day - 7th April

  • Earth Day - 22nd April

  • St. George's Day - 23rd April

Social Media Post Ideas

  • Would you rather _______ or _______.

  • Promote your other social media channels (e.g. Pinterest, Twitter etc).

  • Record a personal moment with the family for Easter (Easter egg hunt with children).

  • Donate easter eggs to a local children charity for Easter.

  • Share a gif of your easter decorations.

  • What is special about April carousel of all the things you love about the month.

  • Create a conversational thread about what you're looking forward to in April and repurpose as a carousel on Instagram.

  • Share a failure and what you learnt from it.

  • Share a free trial or free discovery call for 24 hours only.

Blog Post Ideas

  • How To Set Up A Creative Business - The Ultimate Guide.

  • The Top 5 Questions We Always Receive As A brand.

  • My 30 by 30 - My Complete Bucket List.

  • What Scares Me The Most And Why!

  • 10 Powerful All-In-One Apps To Manage Your Social Media Accounts.

Thank you for reading April Content Ideas - 15 Useful Ideas For What To Post In April 2021.

Don't forget to like and comment on my blog if you found it useful. Sign-up to my newsletter to receive more useful social media tips straight to your inbox.


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