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Dreaming vs. doing

A young person with short hair and a neutral expression sits with their head resting on their hand, looking off to the side. They are wearing a light-coloured sweater.

Every thing starts with a thought.

It’s that voice in your head, that sparks an idea. 

If like me, your mind is always racing.

I consider myself a massive over-thinker, but I’ve been trying to focus my actions to have better outcomes. 

Here’s a thought process that’s shifted my life lately.

Your thoughts become your words. 

And words are incredibly powerful. 

They shape your reality. 

When you say, “I can,” you’re already halfway there. 

When you say, “I will,” you’re definitely on the right path. 

But if you say, “I can’t,” you’ve already lost.

Then your words become your actions. 

You can talk all day about what you want to do, but if you don’t act, it’s all for nothing. 

Action creates momentum. 

It also shows commitment. 

It’s the difference between dreaming and doing.

Your actions become your habits. 

Those daily routines, those small choices, they stack up. 

Think about it in regards to your work:

Are you making enough calls every day? 

Are you pushing through when it gets tough? 

Your habits are the building blocks to your success.

And then your habits become your values. 

What you do consistently shows what you truly care about. 

Don’t just say you “work hard”. Show it through your actions every single day. 

Values are lived, not spoken.

Finally, your values become your life. 

When you align your life with your values, you find purpose, fulfilment, and success. 

Your life becomes a testament to what you believe in and stand for.


Think carefully, choose your words wisely, act decisively, build good habits, uphold strong values. 

The journey from a thought to a life is a powerful one. 

Make yours count.

Thanks for reading,

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