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How My Brand Workshop Became a “Game-Changer” for a Client

A group of people sitting around a table with yellow sticky notes during a brand workshop.

Sometimes, you receive feedback from clients that just makes the fire inside you burn a little bit hotter.

That’s exactly what happened to me yesterday.

After successfully completing the first month of collaboration, I had a phone conversation last night with a new client who hired my creative branding agency.

The client was a corporate wellness business with an amazing idea… but the communication, the why, and the identity weren’t aligning with the vision.

So, I recommended to the client that we conduct an intensive brand strategy and storytelling workshop to help bring clarity and differentiation to the business moving forward.

The client agreed, and we ended up doing two and a half sessions, which amounted to around 8 hours in total.

This helped us to pave the way to a solid brand foundation, clearer copy, and a brand-new identity.

To then jump on a call last night, reflecting on our past month, the work involved, and opening up the conversation for feedback, to hear the words:

“The workshops was the best thing i’ve ever done for my business”

Made me feel incredible on a personal level and excited for the client.

To know you’ve hit the mark, helped someone on their steps to achieving their dreams, is what makes the phrase ‘love what you do’ really hit home.

Taking the time to look back, I wanted to reflect on what was done that made the client so happy and the workshops so effective.

I realised it was down to one main thing…

The Work Before the Workshop

A person typing on a laptop computer.

Honest, legitimate, and empathetic hard work.

What I mean is:

  • Spending time researching the brand’s website, socials, discovery call notes, and pain points to get a good grasp of who they are, where they’re at, and what needs some work.

  • Dedicating a good portion of time (in this case, around 10 hours) to prepare an interactive workshop to draw out from their brain the vision from the client and to bring up questions they might not have thought about.

  • Not using AI to create or structure the workshop. Yes, ChatGPT is super helpful in most cases, but for a really effective workshop that will help the client, it needs to be adapted, relevant, and personalised. If you want a client to use their brain, then you need to use yours. Your creativity, not Ai’s.

For anyone interested in what my brand workshop covers, here it is…

Key Elements of My Brand Strategy Workshop

What we go through:

  • Brand Purpose

  • Brand Vision

  • Core values

  • Target audience

  • Market analysis

  • Goal prioritisation

  • Brand personality

  • Brand voice

  • Key Messages

  • Marketing Strategy

And here’s how I do it:

  • Online video call or in-person

  • Interactive Miro board with carefully structured session

  • Block booking around 2–4 hours per session

Final Thoughts

I feel privileged to work with this client and conduct a brand workshop, and the feedback I received was incredibly gratifying.

Having the client describe the workshop as the best thing they’ve ever done for their business, filled me with a sense of personal achievement and excitement for their future.

So, after thinking about it, I realised that the workshop’s success, and to be honest, most of the things I’ve accomplished in my career, were mainly because I put in a lot of effort into preparation.

The success of this brand workshop reinforced the significance of hard work, empathy, and personalised approaches. 

It reminded me of why I love what I do — the ability to guide clients towards achieving their dreams. 

Moving forward, I will continue refining my approach to deliver exceptional experiences that make a genuine impact on my clients’ businesses.


Have you always wanted to bring clarity and differentiation to your brand?

But, you don’t know where to start?

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