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Neil Patel's Productivity Tips

One day I was walking my dog on his routine evening walk and listening to Neil Patel's and Eric Siu's Marketing School Podcast.

(They are marketing gurus if you don't know who Neil and Eric are)

In this particular episode, they were talking about their productivity tips.

I found it helpful, so I thought I would share it in a blog. So here you are, Neil Patel's 3 tips to triple productivity.

1) Don't go to bed without checking emails

Neil's first tip is to ensure he checks all his emails before bed.

Everything has to be read.

If there are important or urgent emails, they are responded to immediately. Anything not too urgent is starred and sorted the next day.

He keeps his starred folder to a max of 5-6 emails at any time.

2) 15 Minute Workouts

Now I massively agree with this point.

Neil starts the day with a 15-minute workout. Usually consisting of bodyweight, high-intensity workouts (HIIT), following Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) on YouTube.

He believes doing these workouts help keep him energised and replaces coffee - which he believes is an unnecessary addiction (madness).

3) Enjoy what you are doing

Do you hate what you are doing? Does it feel like a chore?

That might be why you're not as productive as you could be.

Neil believes that if you love what you are doing, you will be productive, and it won't feel like a struggle to complete even mundane tasks.

Takeaway - Neil Patel's productivity Tips

The takeaway here is to, firstly, enjoy what you are doing. If you don't, switch things up. Change jobs, learn something new or find a way to love what you do again.

Secondly, create habits of productivity. Use Neil's tips as a basis for your own series of actions that make you consistent, energised and above all, able to perform.


If you want to know what habits that work for me, read here:


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