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The Greatest Marketing Advice You Will Ever Read!

READ THIS — to save you years of marketing heartache. Understanding the 3 levels of marketing.

A black triangle divided into three sections labeled "Stage 1", "Stage 2", and "Stage 3". The triangle has text reading "The 3 Levels of Marketing". The centre has Jack Willoughby's logo.

There Are 3 Levels of Marketing

Each have very different approaches which can completely change how a product is perceived and valued.

Level 1: Commodity Thinking

At the very bottom there’s commodity thinking

This is where I’ve think most companies find themselves.

In this stage, brands only focus on selling basic features and benefits.

Things like variations, colours, size range etc…

Product specifications. 

Things anyone can easily replicate if they wanted too.

There’s nothing at all unique or memorable here. 

Level 2: Solving a Specific Problem

Now, let’s move up a level. 

Now, companies are starting to narrow in on a particular feature or benefit that solves a very specific problem for a specific group of people. 

Looking into the challenges and frustrations of the target consumer. 

What pain point are they trying to solve and how they can turn features into benefits (solving that pain point).

This approach makes the product a lot more valuable. Especially to those who face that specific problem. 

However, not many companies manage to evolve from the commodity mindset to this level of problem-solving.

Level 3: Emotional Connection

Finally, we reach the top level of marketing — where world class brands like Nike and Disney come into their element.

These brands understand that beyond features and problem-solving lies an even deeper connection — the emotional one. A human.

Storytelling is the real winner here. 

A company that understands the emotional pain a consumer goes through and can not only offer up a solution, but a solution packaged into a emotional story will WIN!

By addressing the emotional aspect, these brands create a powerful bond with their customers, driving loyalty and preference. 

It’s not about merely solving a problem… it’s about recognising and eradicating an emotional burden. 

This connection makes the product — and by extension, the brand — incredibly valuable.

Conclusion - The 3 Levels of Marketing

In summary, marketing can be as simple or as complex as we make it. 

At its core, it’s about understanding where your product fits in these three levels:

  1. Commodity Thinking: Focus on features and benefits.

  2. Problem-Solving: Address specific pain points.

  3. Emotional Connection: Understand and resonate with your customer’s emotions.

The best brands in the world differentiate themselves by moving up this ladder, creating products that are not just useful but emotionally significant to their customers.

Thank you for reading the 3 levels of marketing, this content was inspired by the BrandBoss’s content. 

I hope you leave here with a deeper understanding of how to elevate your brand from just another commodity to an emotionally resonant powerhouse.


Here’s to working towards building successful brands and marketing to humans.

Till next time,


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