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Why Podcasts Aren't Dying

Are podcasts still a thing?

I have read articles, overheard conversations and discussed this with other marketers lately.

And to be honest, I have no idea where this question has come from!

So I thought I would write a blog article on it with my opinion. So here it is.

Are podcasts dying?

No. Here's why.

There Are Over 2 Million Podcasts and Counting

There are currently over 2 million podcasts worldwide, and we can expect this to continue to rise for the foreseeable. In fact, by 2028, podcasting is predicted to become a $94.88 billion industry. Now, this tells me one thing, lots of brands and people are finding success by podcasting.

It's not only the number of podcasts that are growing but also the number of listeners. According to Insider Intelligence, podcast listeners will account for 20.3% of all internet users by the end of the year. That's 424.2 million listeners across the globe! Pretty mad stats if you ask me!

Over 70% Know At least One Podcast

Ok, this may be a U.S stat but still a good argument for the rise in popularity of podcasting. That also means that only 30% of the U.S. population doesn't listen to podcasts. If they were dying, wouldn't this number be lower?

As I said earlier, listeners are predicted to rise, and Podcast listeners have grown 29.5% in the last three years. There are currently 120 million podcast listeners in the U.S., and industry experts predict there will be over 160 million podcast listeners by 2023.

Listening To Podcasts Is Becoming So Easy

Modern tech makes everything accessible, and listening to podcasts is no exception.

Most podcast consumers stream content using smartphones and listen to episodes via major podcast providers like Apple or Spotify.

But phones are not the only way people listen to podcasts. Here are some other ways people listen to content:

  • 13% of Americans listen to podcasts on a desktop or laptop.

  • 73% listen to podcasts on their smartphone their cell phone.

  • 32% of those 18+ who have ridden in a car in the last month are listening to podcasts.

  • 18% of people ages 18+ own a vehicle with an intelligent entertainment system.

  • 49% of podcast listening happens at home.

  • 22% of podcasters listen to while driving and commuting.

  • 11% of podcasters listen at work.

  • 8% of podcasters listen to it while exercising.

Podcasts Make Businesses Big Money

Podcasts offer businesses another high-converting revenue stream. 60% of podcast listeners have bought something from a podcast ad. Additionally, 72% of listeners who have listened to a podcast for four or more years have purchased a sponsored ad. If you're a business looking to increase sales in 2022, Advertising on Podcasts could be a huge opportunity.

Another point is, Ad revenue from podcasting is expected to double to $2 billion this year.

Which Podcasts should you listen to?

Hopefully, you're on my side of the argument that Podcasts are not dying.

You might also now be keen on exploring what all the fuss is about.

Don't worry. I have you covered on that too.

According to the Edison Podcast Metrics, here is a list of the best podcasts in 2022. The 10 top podcasts are:

  1. The Joe Rogan Experience

  2. Crime Junkie

  3. The Daily

  4. This American Life

  5. My Favorite Murder

  6. Stuff You Should Know

  7. Office Ladies

  8. Dateline NBC

  9. The Ben Shapiro Show

  10. Call Her Daddy (full list here)

How To Listen To Podcasts

As of June 2022, Apple Podcasts holds the number one spot with 39.4% of all podcast listeners and 43,089,053 podcast downloads.

Spotify currently holds the number two spot, with 26.4% of podcast users and 28,890,991 downloads.

Conclusion: Why Podcasts Aren't Dying

Hopefully, this article has done one of two things:

  1. Convinced you that Podcasts are not dying

  2. Made you see the incredible business growth opportunities with Podcasts

If it hasn't and you're still not interested in Podcasts, prepare to be left behind.

You can find my personal favourite podcasts on a super old blog here.

I would love to one day create a podcast, and maybe that dream will soon become a reality.

Do you listen to podcasts? Share your favourites in the comments below for others to listen to.

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