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31 Social Media Content Ideas For January 2022

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL! 2022 is here, and it’s time to set new goals and achieve new things. Start the year on the right foot and fill out your social media content calendar with fresh and exciting ideas. As always, use this article to ignite ideas to help with creating content for social media. Now, let’s roll on. Take a look at these 31 new social media ideas and five new ideas for blog posts this January 2022.

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January Social Media Ideas By Jack Willoughby

January is the month of new starts and reinventing yourself. There is nothing like a brand new year to evaluate what you want to achieve in life. With that said, it’s the perfect month for fitness trainers, online businesses and service providers to maximise sales. I’ve broken down the top three social media theme ideas you should be using to promote your business.

BONUS: I’ve added the key dates and events happening in January 2022, so you can be extra prepared when creating your marketing plan.


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January Content & Social Media Trends

January is full of people showing off their new Christmas gifts and new year goals. Businesses are pushing for the end of season sales.

But the start of the new year also brings new trends in the digital landscape. According to Later, the latest trends to look out for in 2022 on social media include:

  • Video memes

  • A rise in brand personalities

  • Creator led commerce.

So what does that mean for you, and what does that mean to your social media content plan?

Judging by the predicted trends, being brave and showing your face and personality will be essential to maximise engagement in the new algorithm!

It also means if you are an influencer, content creator or personal brand that sells, your opportunities to gain visibility and earn money in 2022 would be better.

On the flip side, if you are a business owner and haven’t worked with influencers, creators or personal brands, you might want to start.

Key Dates & Events In January 2022

Key dates and events are a helpful tool when devising your marketing strategy. There tends to be higher traffic, engagement and buzz around specific dates for online and offline businesses.

Take a look at what’s happening in January 2022.

1st - New Years Day

2nd - Personal Trainer Awareness Day

3rd - Festival of Sleep Day

4th - National Spaghetti Day

5th - National Keto Day

6th - National Technology Day

7th - National Bobblehead Day

8th - National Bubble Bath Day

9th - Word Nerd Day

10th - National Houseplant Appreciation Day

11th - National Milk Day

12th - National Kiss A Ginger Day

13th - National Rubber Ducky Day

14th - Organise Your Home Day

15th - National Hat Day

16th - National Nothing Day

17th - Blue Monday

18th - National Winnie The Pooh Day

19th - National Popcorn Day

20th - Get To Know Your Customers Day

21st - National Hugging Day

22nd - Celebration of Life Day

23rd - National Pie Day

24th - National Appreciation Day

25th - National Opposite Day

26th - National Spouses Day

27th - National Chocolate Cake Day

28th - National Have Fun At Work Day

29th - National Puzzle Day

30th - National Croissant Day

31st - National Hot Chocolate Day

If you’re looking to plan next year’s marketing content calendar early, check out my article, which provides a comprehensive list of key dates and events happening in 2022.


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Top 3 Social Media Theme Ideas For January 2022

Content themes help to categorise, plan and monitor social media posts. By using themes, you create a system to improve your understanding of what your audience is interested in seeing from you.

For example, let’s say your three categories are promotional, entertaining and community.

You create ten posts for each category, but your community themed posts drive 10x more likes and engagement compared to the other categories.

You would now have a pillar content theme, which is a content theme that should be a core topic in your social media strategy from now on.

You can then use this information to create more content that’s similar.

Make sense?

Here are my main themes for you to consider in January 2022.

  1. Promotional - JANUARY SALES! The season of buying continues. Now is the perfect time to go hard on your best sales ever!

  2. Inspirational - NEW YEAR, NEW YOU! Inspire and help motivate followers to set goals and achieve them in 2022. Show them that you will support them on their journey.

  3. Personal - Share your goals and what you want to achieve in 2022. Get personal, be honest and open up.


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25 Social Media Content Ideas For January 2022

Now it’s time to get the creative juices flowing. Here are my recommendations for January social media post ideas. Adapt these ideas to any business, industry, or even your personal accounts. Suitable for all social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

I’m sharing daily social media post ideas to ramp up your engagement this month.

  1. Celebrate the new year by wishing everyone best wishes.

  2. Share your goals and what you will be doing every day to achieve them.

  3. Ask how everyone’s holidays were and what was their favourite moment.

  4. Back to work, show everyone your back to business.

  5. Launch a site-wide January sale and urge people to get buying before stock runs out.

  6. Go through your user-generated content and reshare your favourite. Personal message to everyone who posted and offer 10% off your store to say thanks.

  7. Ask people to follow you on other social media channels and list the benefits you’ll provide on each platform.

  8. Share something personal with your followers, whether it be a family story or something you are passionate about.

  9. Make a highlight of your best content from 2021 and thank everyone for engaging.

  10. Show your houseplant for ‘National Houseplant Appreciation Day’.

  11. Create a video meme of something that relates to your brand.

  12. Share a blog post full of value to your followers.

  13. Share some industry-related news that your followers would also be interested in.

  14. Show off how organised you are and build trust for ‘Organise Your Home Day’.

  15. Ask your followers a question that will help improve your business. E.g. What new hat colour would you like to see from us?

  16. Share a customer review or testimonial.

  17. It’s ‘Blue Monday’, the so-called most depressing day of the year. Try and cheer up your followers by offering them a giveaway or gift.

  18. Answer a commonly asked question regarding your business, industry or niche.

  19. Turn a blog post into a highly visual infographic.

  20. Ask your followers questions for ‘Get To Know Your Customers Day’.

  21. Spotlight your employees, team or friends that help to drive your brand.

  22. Promote email sign-ups by offering an exclusive insight into your brand.

  23. Host a Twitter Space to talk about your niche with your followers.

  24. Go live on Instagram to show your followers how your product or service works and answer any questions that pop up.

  25. Create a free resources page on your website and share it on social media.

  26. Show that you value family and that you’re a person by celebrating your spouse for ‘National Spouse Day’.

  27. Get greedy and make a chocolate cake for ‘Chocolate Cake Day’.

  28. Start a conversation or podcast with a leader in your industry and share it with your followers.

  29. Share one of your email newsletters with your followers and invite them to sign up for more each week.

  30. Encourage people to keep at their new year goals by sharing an inspiration or motivational quote.

  31. Say goodbye to January with a personal reflection on how it went and your best achievements.

5 Blog Post Ideas For January 2022

  1. Write a journal or personal note breaking down the goals you have for 2022. Write rewards you'll give yourself if you achieve them.

  2. Write a list of your top 20 books to read this year in your niche and ask your followers to comment more.

  3. Give a social media summary, sharing all of your social profiles and samples of the content you post on each platform. Encourage readers to follow ones that will help them the most.

  4. Share the history of your business in a storytelling format.

  5. Share a collection of customers comments, compliments, and testimonials.

Final Point

BOOM! 31 social media content ideas for you to use in January 2022. Plus five blog ideas to reach new audiences, build authority and engage readers.

P.S. You don’t always have to be creating brand new social media content.

You can repurpose a lot of content you have already created. It’s called content recycling and can be highly effective.


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A Guide To Repurposing Content (coming soon)


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Thanks for reading.


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