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Homebase's 'It's Showtime' Advert

As a nation, we British are a stickler for Christmas advertisements. The exciting arrival of the yearly Christmas advert by John Lewis or the Coca Cola' Holidays Are Coming' TV ads always get us in the festive mood.

photo of santa sat down
Homebase's 'It's Showtime' TV Advert

But this year, Homebase has decided to produce a festive campaign themselves by partnering with Atomic London to make it happen. The same agency that worked with the likes of Nerf, Peperami... Papa Johns, the list goes on. You'll definitely recognise them from their 'Hey Car' advert where a happy customer gets into his car rocking out to Flo Rida's 'Good Feeling' iconic track. If you don't remember, go and check out the advert by 'Hey Car'.

The home and garden experts with Atomic London have created a feel-good advertisement that features DIY celebrities, Dick and Angel Strawbridge.

The advert, which you can check out below, features the pair sneaking past security into Homebase to give the place a Christmas themed makeover.

The advert airs on TV's across the United Kingdom on the 1st November 2021.


Advertising Agency - Atomic London

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