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July Content Ideas - 43 Ideas For Social Media & Blog Posts

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

*UPDATED JULY 2023* Summer is officially here and it's time to bring your content to life! Draw inspiration from this list of fresh content ideas for social media and blog posts for July 2023.

This month we are sticking to our main content category themes. If you are not sure what I mean by content category types or themes, read my blog on how to find social media content ideas.

Featured image for monthly content ideas - July 2021
July 2021 Social Media & Blog Post Ideas By Jack Willoughby

7 Content Theme Categories

  1. Promotional

  2. Entertainment

  3. Customer Focused

  4. Inspirational

  5. Community

  6. Educational

  7. Personal

It's important to trial content for each of these categories. This will give your brand the best opportunity to build reach and brand exposure.

43 Creative Social Media Content Ideas

Explore and adjust these content ideas for your brand.


  • Create a reel highlighting the key features of your product or service.

  • Create a video of interview style testimonials from your clients or customers.

  • Throw a 4th July sale of everything and anything!

  • Create a carousel of your product in different environments.

  • Host a "Christmas in July" sale event, offering discounts on select products or services.

  • Share a "sneak peek" of a new product or service launching later in the year.

  • Create a "throwback" post highlighting your company's growth and achievements since last July.


  • Host a quiz night for your customers and charge a small entry fee which gets donated to charity.

  • Show some behind the scenes fails amongst staff.

  • Create a spot the difference on your story for customers to try and figure out, choose a winner and DM them a exclusive discount or gift.

  • Make a big company announcement using a meme.

  • Organise a virtual summer-themed trivia night and offer prizes for the winners.

  • Share a fun summer-themed DIY or craft project related to your business.

  • Host a "Caption This" contest using a funny or interesting image related to your business.

Customer Focused

  • Host a best picture wins.

  • For tongue out tuesday (6th July), share a picture of your pet with their tongue out and encourage followers to share theirs.

  • Go live and ask followers to join and get to know them holding a Q&A.

  • Launch a "Customer of the Month" feature, highlighting a loyal customer and their story.

  • Host a "Summer Selfie" contest, asking followers to share a selfie with your product in their favorite summer location.

  • For "World Emoji Day" on July 17th, ask followers to describe your product or service using only emojis.


  • Post a #motivationmonday post every week to lift your followers moods.

  • Share inspirational quotes.

  • Ask followers to share tips on self-reflection and repost the best ones to your social channels.

  • Share a weekly #TransformationTuesday post, featuring before-and-after stories from customers or clients.

  • Post a motivational story or quote about perseverance and resilience, tying it to the challenges of the ongoing year.

  • For "International Day of Friendship" on July 30th, share a post about the importance of friendship and community.


  • Share a followers post that has inspired you that week.

  • Highlight how far your product or service has gone across the globe and mention the different cities it's reached.

  • Share a post celebrating "World Population Day" on July 11th, discussing the importance of sustainable practices in your business.

  • Highlight a local charity or community event your business is supporting in July.

  • Feature a "Meet the Team" post, introducing your followers to the people behind your brand.


  • Share the best parts of the latest journal or article you have read.

  • Share tips on how followers can help their community and what you are doing to help.

  • Share a "How It's Made" video or infographic about one of your products or services.

  • For "World Nature Conservation Day" on July 28th, share tips on how your followers can make more environmentally friendly choices.

  • Post a "Did You Know?" fact related to your industry every week.


  • Share with your followers who your biggest inspiration is and why.

  • Share what your plans are for 4th of July.

  • Recommend a book or articles related to your industry.

  • Share your team's favorite summer recipes or activities.

  • Post a "Day in the Life" of a team member, showing what a typical workday looks like for them.

  • For "National Ice Cream Day" on July 16th, share your favorite ice cream flavor and ask your followers to share theirs.

10 Blog Ideas For July 2023

Choose one of these blog topics and adapt it to your business or industry. Make sure you do some keyword research to optimise your blog.

1. Summer Essentials: Top Products/Services for July 2023 - Highlight your products or services that are particularly useful or popular during the summer months.

2. Celebrating Independence: How Our Business Values Freedom and Innovation - In honour of American Independence Day, discuss how your business values freedom, creativity, and innovation.

3. Christmas in July: Preparing for the Festive Season Early - Share tips on how to start preparing for the festive season in July, whether it's budgeting, shopping, or planning.

4. Beat the Heat: Tips to Stay Cool and Productive This Summer - Offer advice on how to stay cool, hydrated, and productive during the hot summer month of July.

5. World Population Day: The Impact of Population Growth on Our Industry - Discuss the implications of global population trends for your industry in recognition of World Population Day on 11th July.

6. Embracing Friendship: The Role of Community in Our Business - In honour of International Day of Friendship on 30th July, discuss the importance of community and relationships in your business.

7. Summer Reading List: Top Industry Books to Read in July - Share a list of recommended books related to your industry for some summer reading.

8. The Mid-Year Review: Our Business Highlights and Goals for the Rest of 2023 - Since July marks the middle of the year, it's a great time to reflect on the year so far and discuss goals for the remaining months.

9. Sustainable Summer: How to Enjoy July While Being Eco-Friendly - Share tips on how to enjoy the summer in an environmentally friendly way, tying it back to your business or industry.

10. National Ice Cream Month: Our Team's Favourite Flavours and Local Spots - Since July is National Ice Cream Month in the U.S., share your team's favourite ice cream flavours and local ice cream shops. This can add a personal touch to your blog.

Now you have ideas for your social media channels going into July 2023. You should create a content marketing calendar to plan out your ideas. Don’t worry, you can steal mine.

But first, here are some of the reasons why you should use a content plan:

  • Holds you accountable to releasing content.

  • More likely to create fresh ideas.

  • Can plan & prioritise your time.

  • Adapt your strategy to what's happening.

  • Delegate tasks if you have a team.

  • Encourages you to use other channels.

  • It Keeps your marketing activities organised.

My content calendar template includes the entire year and all the social media channels you could possibly use. I even have a section to map out blogs.

Wrapping Up

Have an amazing July! Remember to adjust and make specific these ideas to your brand or business.

Thanks again for reading. I would appreciate it if you can like my post and comment if you found it helpful.



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Jack Willoughby

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