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My Ai Process That's Helping Me Create Unlimited Content Ideas

AI is a wonderful tool that, even though it has been around for a long time, seems to have really made a mainstream impact in the last two years.

It's all you read about these days, and it seems like everyone from farmers to the corporate elite are trying to integrate AI into their everyday lives to make things easier.

Now, I've been super guilty of slacking and letting AI take over some of my content in the past, including social posts, emails, and even blogs. But this year, I vowed to change that in order to create more of an authentic and real personal brand.

It's easy to hide behind AI, and it's even easier to let it do all the work for you. Well, like I said, as of 2024, I'm changing this!

But that doesn't mean I'm not using AI at all. I most certainly am, just for a different reason.

Scientific research.

Now, I know that AI tools such as ChatGPT have been helping with this for what feels like forever. Since I started focusing on gathering research, the number of content ideas I've had and the amount of ideas I've implemented for clients and businesses has been incredible.

I love researching and interpreting studies and findings to put into use.

For those who don't know, I have two degrees: an Undergraduate degree in Sports and a Masters degree in Marketing. Throughout my life, I've considered myself a sponge on topics I'm interested in, trying to absorb the best practices and cool tactics that could give me and wherever I'm at or working with a competitive edge.

I have a saying, "everything is a learning opportunity," which in my head translates to every moment in your life is a lesson that can teach you about yourself or help you grow.

Some when ChatGPT released Custom Chats and Consensus was on their, I started playing around and boom, I think I've found my new favourite reason to use Ai.



How I Use ChatGPT For Research

Now, for whom this may be interesting to, you're going to need an OpenAI ChatGPT Plus membership.

Step 1: Scroll Through Social Media or Medium to Find Inspiration

I personally love scrolling Twitter, sorry I mean X, and Medium to find inspiration on topics.

TIP: If you have a Premium X account, definitely consider using the Pro Deck feature. It's helpful for seeing multiple feed lists in one go.

I typically use too:

  1. For inspiration - My profile, home feed and explore.

  2. To engage - Notifications, custom lists and messages.

A screenshot of the twitter app on a black screen.

Once I have my chosen source of inspiration, I'll scroll through and see what is gaining a massive amount of attention or interest.

Then, I'll make a note of it somewhere for later.

Step 2: Select A Focused Topic

By now, I should have a nice, juicy list of interesting and engaging content, it's time to select one I want to create content about.

However, I never want to just pick the most engaged topic; I want to pick something that falls into these criteria:

  • Is something I have experience in or can talk a lot about.

  • Is focused on something I'm actually interested in talking about.

Once I've found my super focused, interesting topic, I now get AI and ChatGPT involved.

Step 3: Search Consensus for Research on That Topic

If your not sure how to find the Consensus app, click 'Explore GPT's' and the custom chat store will open up.

You'll find the Consensus chat in trending but if you don't just search it in the bar at the top.

This is what it looks like:

A screenshot of ChatGPT store with a red circle pointing to Consensus custom Ai chat.

Now what I do is search the chosen topic in the app, looking for the most up-to-date research surrounding the topic.

For example, let's get some research on: "how AI is changing social media."

A ChatGPT chat showing a conversation with Consensus.

Here's my prompt:

"Find me research and studies on "How Ai is changing social media". Provide research dated 2021 onwards. Breakdown research into easy to digest bullet points."

ChatGPT produced 12 studies related to my topic.

All which include links to the full study.

See below.

Output of studies using the Consensus chat on Ai ChatGPT

How amazing is this?

Twelve studies, all focusing on different angles on how social media has been impacted by AI, have been conducted.

Research from 2021 onwards.

This is powerful for any content creator who likes to rationalise their views or even validate their thoughts.

So the next step is to form them into content ideas.



How I Use ChatGPT For Content Ideas

Now, with the amazing studies and interesting research produced, I could simply create content for each one of these points.

However, my preferred choice is to collate specific ideas and views and add my own thoughts to the findings.

For example, I liked this angle and research:

AI's Role in Social Media and Human Behaviour: Research in the last decade shows significant AI impact on human life and media marketing, particularly through mobile and internet technologies (Satpathy & Patnaik, 2021).

Next, I want to delve deeper into this topic.

So, I asked ChatGPT to do more research into the topic, finding key themes and any supporting evidence or research that challenges this viewpoint.

Here's my prompt:

Amazing, I want to delve deeper into point 3 and identify key themes within the study. Furthermore, I want you to find additional supporting research and also research that challenges this point of view. Here's the study again: AI's Role in Social Media and Human Behavior: Research in the last decade shows significant AI impact on human life and media marketing, particularly through mobile and internet technologies (Satpathy & Patnaik, 2021). And the link:

Further research from ChatGPT

Look at that. Now, I have a list of information that can be used to create blogs, newsletters, and even social media content.

All within a few minutes and with minimum input.

Now, I will go through and structure my content, choosing the research that's relevant and applying personal experiences and anecdotes regarding the topic.

Format + structure, then post.

Done! So there you have it, my AI process for creating unlimited content ideas.

Now, onto the next one.


Thanks for reading.

My challenge this year is to post a new blog every day.

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