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Social Media Content Ideas For February 2022

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

We made it through January! Hopefully your new year drive and determination is still there. Now it's time to charge ahead with smashing February 2022 social media goals. Let's get filling out your social media content calendar with exciting and engaging ideas. This article contains social media ideas for February 2022 as well as five blog post topics for the month.

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February Social Media Ideas By Jack Willoughby

February is full of holidays and opportunities to run a sale, depending on the niche of your business. You could have a Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year, Black History Month, Heart Health Month or Winter Olympics sale.

BONUS: I’ve mapped out all the key dates and events happening in February 2022 and for the rest of the year, all compact in an instantly accessible social media calendar you can download below.


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February Content & Social Media Trends

February is not much different from January, besides everyone has been paid!

Judging by the latest social media trends, continuing to be brave and get yourself in front of the camera is going to be important to boost your awareness and satisfy the algorithms.

One of thing to look out for in February 2022, is Valentines focused posting. Yep, look away if you're single! Your social media is going to fill up with tonnes of couple content.

On the flip side, if you are a business owner, this is a good time to push for user generated content or to promote a couple sale/promotional offer.

Key Dates & Events In February 2022

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Key dates and events are a helpful tool when devising your marketing strategy. There tends to be higher traffic, engagement and buzz around specific dates for online and offline businesses.

Take a look at what’s happening in January 2022.

1st - Chinese New Year

2nd - Groundhog Day

13th - Super Bowl

14th - Valentines Day

15th - National Flag Day

21st - Family Day

21st - Islander Day

21st - Presidents Day

If you’re looking to plan next year’s marketing content calendar early, check out my article, which provides a comprehensive list of key dates and events happening in 2022.


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Top 3 Social Media Theme Ideas For February 2022

If you have been reading my blogs for a while, you know I recommend sectioning your blogs into content themes.

Content themes help to categorise, plan and monitor your social media posts.

As February is the month of love with Valentines day and all, I've based my recommended content themes around being Personal, Entertaining and Promotional.

Here are my main content themes for you to consider in February 2022.

  1. Personal - Ok, time to get soppy! Create montages, highlights or share what you're doing for your other half this month.

  2. Entertaining - Have fun with the whole Valentines day thing whether you're in a relationship or not. Create entertaining memes, videos or show off you funny moments in your relationship.

  3. Promotional - Here is your chance to release your buy one get one free deals or couple offers.


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28 Social Media Content Ideas For February 2022

Ok, there is a tonne more dates to focus on besides Valentines day.

Here are fresh daily social media post ideas to ramp up your social media engagement in February 2022.

  1. Wish everyone a happy Chinese New Year.

  2. Share a new content such as an article, podcast or video or promote a product.

  3. Talk about a problem you have faced and how you cam over it.

  4. Ask a question such as 'what are your plans for the weekend?'.

  5. Answer a frequently asked question.

  6. Share an article or news post that your audience will find valuable or entertaining related to your niches.

  7. Take part in #mondaymotivation hashtag and share something your audience with find motivating.

  8. Release your Valentines day offer or promotion early to get a build up.

  9. Share an inspiring quote.

  10. Share a fun fact about you or your brand.

  11. Share a self-care tip that you follow everyday.

  12. Re-post a post from 2-3 months back and maybe rephrase it or add new visuals.

  13. It's Super Bowl weekend! Show your support and post regularly, there will be a tonne of eyes fixed on social media during the game.

  14. It's Valentines Day! Share a picture with your favourite person or promote a couples offer.

  15. Post something funny such as a meme or an old photo.

  16. Share something you often wonder about.

  17. Make a statement about something you care a lot about.

  18. Share a stream of your customers wearing your products or using your service or share a picture of your friends.

  19. Share a free printable or discount to build your email subscribers list.

  20. Share a photo of your workspace.

  21. It's National Family Day. Share a picture of you and your wonderful family (work family works too).

  22. Reintroduce who you are or about your business to new followers.

  23. Ask a would you rather questions.

  24. Share your personal mantra.

  25. Promote new content with an article, podcast or video.

  26. Share a testimonial or case study.

  27. Share a flat lay of your product.

  28. Wrap up your month with an extra push on your couple offers or promotions.

5 Blog Post Ideas For February 2022

  1. 5 Ways to Be Happier Every Day.

  2. Top Valentine's Day Gifts for Her/Him (And Why They'll Love Them!).

  3. Motivation for Your Day: 5 Ways to Get Your Mojo Back.

  4. 5 Ways to Use (product/service).

  5. Tips for Getting Through Winter: Overcoming the Hardest Season of the Year.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, 28 social media content ideas for you to use in February 2022. Plus five engaging blog ideas to share with your readers.

Use the idea, tweak them or get inspired by them. Your choice.

Just remember, growing your following, and making the most out of social media means posting regularly.


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Thanks for reading.

Jack Willoughby

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