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December Social Media Ideas 2023

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Updated 6th Nov 2023

The final month of the year, December 2023 is upon us, and it's time to get your social media content calendar sorted. This article will help you get started with fresh new December social media ideas and blog posts.

December 2023 social media ideas.
50 Social Media Content Ideas for December 2023 - Jack Willoughby

December is also the most crucial month if you're a business. Customers are literally ready with their money in their hands, looking to buy gifts for friends and family. I’ve broken down the top 3 social media theme ideas you should be using to promote your business.

As an extra bonus, I've also included key dates and events of what's happening in December 2023.

Social Media Content Creation Tools

My number one tip when creating content for social media channels is to make it highly visual. We’ve all heard the phrase and image speaks a thousand words. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a graphic designer to create amazing content.

Here are 5 tools you can use to create amazing social media content:

  1. Canva - Create graphics for anything and everything.

  2. PiktoChart - Create cool infographics.

  3. Pixelied - Create engaging graphics for anything.

  4. PipDecks - Create incredible and engaging stories.

  5. Lumen5: A video creation platform.

Tools For Posting Content On Social Media

One of the main reasons people don’t see the benefits that they would like from social media is due to the lack of consistency when it comes to posting regularly. Posting regularly is proven to improve your social media engagement and will help grow your accounts.

Let me introduce to you the amazing free social media schedulers you can set up today. Also known as social media management tools, you can now be your own social media content manager.

  1. Later - Great for auto publishing content on all social media channels.

  2. Facebook Creator Studio - Good for Facebook & Instagram.

  3. Hootsuite - Also great for auto publishing content on all social media channels.

  4. Canva - Good for most social media channels.

  5. Feedhive - Advanced social media scheduling.

Key Dates & Events In December 2022

Another way of finding new social media ideas is to observe key dates and events that’s happening throughout the year. Generally speaking, these dates have a lot of hype on social media channels anyway. To help you out, here are some dates you should make a note of in December 2022.

Public Holidays

7th - Hanukkah Begins

21st - 1st Day of Winter

22nd - December Solstice

24th - Christmas Eve

25th - Christmas Day

26th - Boxing Day

26th - Proclamation Day (observed in some regions)

26th - Hanukkah Ends

31st - New Year’s Eve

Daily Observances

1 Dec 2022 Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day

1 Dec 2022 Civil Air Patrol Day

1 Dec 2022 Day Without Art Day

1 Dec 2022 Eat a Red Apple Day

1 Dec 2022 National Christmas Lights Day

1 Dec 2022 National Pie Day

1 Dec 2022 Rosa Parks Day

1 Dec 2022 World AIDS Day

2 Dec 2022 Bartender Appreciation Day

2 Dec 2022 Faux Fur Friday

2 Dec 2022 International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

2 Dec 2022 National Fritters Day

2 Dec 2022 National Mutt Day

2 Dec 2022 Safety Razor Day

2 Dec 2022 Special Education Day

2 Dec 2022 Special Kids Day

3 Dec 2022 International Day of Persons with Disabilities

3 Dec 2022 Make a Gift Day

3 Dec 2022 National Rhubarb Vodka Day

3 Dec 2022 National Roof Over Your Head Day

3 Dec 2022 Skywarn Recognition Day

3 Dec 2022 Let’s Hug Day

4 Dec 2022 National Cookie Day

4 Dec 2022 National Dice Day

4 Dec 2022 National Sock Day

4 Dec 2022 Wear Brown Shoes Day

4 Dec 2022 World Wildlife Conservation Day

5 Dec 2022 AFL-CIO Day

5 Dec 2022 Bathtub Party Day

5 Dec 2022 International Ninja Day

5 Dec 2022 International Volunteer Day

5 Dec 2022 National Sacher Torte Day

5 Dec 2022 Repeal Day

5 Dec 2022 World Soil Day

6 Dec 2022 Miners’ Day

6 Dec 2022 Mitten Tree Day

6 Dec 2022 National Gazpacho Day

6 Dec 2022 National Microwave Oven Day

6 Dec 2022 National Pawnbrokers Day

6 Dec 2022 Put on Your Own Shoes Day

6 Dec 2022 St. Nicholas Day

6 Dec 2022 World Trick Shot Day

7 Dec 2022 International Civil Aviation Day

7 Dec 2022 Letter Writing Day

7 Dec 2022 National Cotton Candy Day

7 Dec 2022 National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

8 Dec 2022 National Brownie Day

8 Dec 2022 Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day

8 Dec 2022 World Pear Day

9 Dec 2022 Christmas Card Day

9 Dec 2022 International Anti-Corruption Day

9 Dec 2022 National Llama Day

9 Dec 2022 National Pastry Day

9 Dec 2022 National Salesperson’s Day

9 Dec 2022 Official Lost & Found Day

9 Dec 2022 Weary Willie Day

9 Dec 2022 World Techno Day

10 Dec 2022 Dewey Decimal System Day

10 Dec 2022 Gingerbread Decorating Day

10 Dec 2022 Human Rights Day

10 Dec 2022 International Shareware Day

10 Dec 2022 National Lager Day

10 Dec 2022 Nobel Prize Day

11 Dec 2022 International Mountain Day

11 Dec 2022 National App Day

11 Dec 2022 National Noodle Ring Day

11 Dec 2022 World Choral Day

11 Dec 2022 Worldwide Candle Lighting Day

12 Dec 2022 Gingerbread House Day

12 Dec 2022 Green Monday

12 Dec 2022 National 12-hour Fresh Breath Day

12 Dec 2022 National Ambrosia Day

12 Dec 2022 National Ding-a-Ling Day

12 Dec 2022 National Poinsettia Day

13 Dec 2022 National Cocoa Day

13 Dec 2022 National Day Of The Horse

13 Dec 2022 National Violin Day

13 Dec 2022 Pick A Pathologist Pal Day

13 Dec 2022 U.S. National Guard Birthday

14 Dec 2022 Monkey Day

14 Dec 2022 National Bouillabaisse Day

14 Dec 2022 Roast Chestnuts Day

15 Dec 2022 Bill of Rights Day

15 Dec 2022 Cat Herders’ Day

15 Dec 2022 International Tea Day

15 Dec 2022 National Cupcake Day

15 Dec 2022 National Wear Your Pearls Day

15 Dec 2022 National Horse Day

16 Dec 2022 Barbie and Barney Backlash Day

16 Dec 2022 National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

16 Dec 2022 National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

16 Dec 2022 Underdog Day

17 Dec 2022 National Maple Syrup Day

17 Dec 2022 National Wreaths Across America Day

17 Dec 2022 Pan American Aviation Day

17 Dec 2022 Wright Brothers Day

17 Dec 2022 National Ugly Sweater Day

18 Dec 2022 Answer the Phone Like Buddy the Elf Day

18 Dec 2022 Arabic Language Day

18 Dec 2022 International Migrants Day

18 Dec 2022 National Roast Suckling Pig Day

19 Dec 2022 National Emo Day

19 Dec 2022 National Hard Candy Day

19 Dec 2022 National Oatmeal Muffin Day

19 Dec 2022 Look for an Evergreen Day

20 Dec 2022 Games Day

20 Dec 2022 International Human Solidarity Day

20 Dec 2022 Mudd Day

20 Dec 2022 National Sangria Day

20 Dec 2022 Go Caroling Day

21 Dec 2022 Anne and Samantha Day

21 Dec 2022 Crossword Puzzle Day

21 Dec 2022 First Day of Winter / Winter Solstice

21 Dec 2022 Forefathers’ Day

21 Dec 2022 Humbug Day

21 Dec 2022 International Dalek Remembrance Day

21 Dec 2022 National Coquito Day

21 Dec 2022 National Flashlight Day

21 Dec 2022 National French Fried Shrimp Day

21 Dec 2022 National Homeless Persons’ Remembrance Day

21 Dec 2022 Phileas Fogg Win A Wager Day

21 Dec 2022 Short Girl Appreciation Day

21 Dec 2022 Yule Begins

21 Dec 2022 Don’t Make Your Bed Day

22 Dec 2022 National Cookie Exchange Day

22 Dec 2022 National Date Nut Bread Day

22 Dec 2022 National Regifting Day

23 Dec 2022 Festivus

23 Dec 2022 National Pfeffernusse Day

23 Dec 2022 National Roots Day

24 Dec 2022 National Eggnog Day

25 Dec 2022 National Pumpkin Pie Day

25 Dec 2022 No “L” Day

26 Dec 2022 National Candy Cane Day

26 Dec 2022 National Thank You Note Day

26 Dec 2022 National Whiner’s Day

27 Dec 2022 National Fruitcake Day

27 Dec 2022 Visit The Zoo Day

27 Dec 2022 Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day

28 Dec 2022 National Call a Friend Day

28 Dec 2022 Holy Innocents’ Day

28 Dec 2022 National Card Playing Day

28 Dec 2022 National Chocolate Candy Day

28 Dec 2022 National Download Day

28 Dec 2022 National Short Film Day

28 Dec 2022 Pledge of Allegiance Day

29 Dec 2022 National Pepper Pot Day

29 Dec 2022 Still Need To Do Day

29 Dec 2022 Tick Tock Day

30 Dec 2022 Bacon Day

30 Dec 2022 Falling Needles Family Fest Day

30 Dec 2022 National Bicarbonate of Soda Day

30 Dec 2022 No Interruptions Day

31 Dec 2022 Hogmanay

31 Dec 2022 Make Up Your Mind Day

31 Dec 2022 National Champagne Day

31 Dec 2022 Universal Hour of Peace Day

31 Dec 2022 World Peace Meditation Day

If you’re looking to plan next year's marketing content calendar early, check out my article which provides a comprehensive list of key dates and events for 2022.

Top 3 Social Media Theme Ideas For December 2023

Content themes help to separate your content types from each other. It will also help you to track performance and understand what content your audience most engages with. Your content themes can be anything and it may differ from industry to industry. However, December is a month of selling, so it makes sense that the content themes should be focused on pushing sales. I cover content themes in more detail in my article on how to find social media content ideas.

Use the themes below to brainstorm December social media ideas.

  1. Promotional - It’s the season of giving and buying. That is why it's a good idea to promote your products and services often.

  2. Inspirational - Share a good news story or a positive message to your followers. It can be a quote, or something that spreads joy.

  3. Community - December is the perfect month to share user generated content from followers. This helps build trust, engagement and sales for potential customers.

50 December Social Media Ideas For 2023

Ok the moment you have been waiting for. A list of 50 ideas for what to post on social media in December 2023. Use these ideas how you like. Remember, the key to social media success is to post often. These ideas can be used for any business, any industry or even on your personal accounts. Suitable for all social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

  1. Festive Throwback: Share a memorable photo or event from the past year with a holiday twist.

  2. Countdown to New Year: Start a countdown with daily posts highlighting achievements or lessons from the past year.

  3. Seasonal Product Showcase: Feature a product a day with a festive background.

  4. Behind-the-Scenes Holiday Edition: Show how your business prepares for the holiday season.

  5. Winter Tips: Offer daily tips for dealing with winter, from skincare to home maintenance.

  6. Charity Spotlight: Highlight a different charity your business supports each day.

  7. Gift Wrapping Ideas: Share creative gift wrapping techniques or designs.

  8. Holiday Playlist: Share a holiday song a day or create a collaborative playlist with followers.

  9. Customer Appreciation Post: Thank your customers with a special holiday message.

  10. Holiday Countdown: Share a fun fact about holiday traditions from around the world each day.

  11. DIY Decorations: Post how-tos for making homemade holiday decorations.

  12. Pet of the Day: Feature a pet photo from a team member or follower in a festive setting.

  13. Festive Testimonial: Share customer stories or testimonials related to holiday purchases.

  14. New Year's Resolution Tips: Offer advice on setting and keeping resolutions.

  15. Holiday Fashion: Post holiday outfit ideas or fashion tips.

  16. Local Love: Feature a local business or product each day.

  17. Virtual Holiday Card: Post a digital holiday card to all your followers.

  18. Mystery Deal: Tease a mystery sale or discount leading up to a big reveal.

  19. Festive FAQ: Answer a frequently asked holiday-related question about your business.

  20. Winter Wellness: Offer advice on staying healthy during the holiday season.

  21. Year in Review: Share top moments or milestones for your business over the past year.

  22. Holiday Humour: Share a holiday-themed joke or meme.

  23. Interactive Poll: Run a poll asking followers about their favorite holiday activities.

  24. Giveaway: Host a holiday-themed giveaway or contest.

  25. Flashback Friday: Highlight a key moment from the year on the last Friday before the New Year.

  26. Travel Tip Tuesday: Give tips for holiday travel or post-winter vacation ideas.

  27. Holiday History: Share the history behind a different holiday tradition each day.

  28. Inspirational Story: Post a story that embodies the holiday spirit of giving and kindness.

  29. Support Staff Spotlight: Introduce a member of your team and their holiday plans or traditions.

  30. Festive FAQ: Post answers to common holiday-related questions about your products/services.

  31. Seasonal Safety Tips: Share safety tips for holiday decorations or winter weather.

  32. Holiday Market Dates: Promote any holiday markets or events where your business will be featured.

  33. New Year Preview: Tease a new product or service launching in the new year.

  34. Gift Card Promotion: Highlight the benefits of giving a gift card for your business.

  35. Holiday Fitness: Share tips for staying active during the holiday season.

  36. Eco-Friendly Holidays: Provide suggestions for celebrating sustainably.

  37. Stocking Stuffer Ideas: Suggest small gift ideas that are perfect for stockings.

  38. Thank You Notes: Post a thank-you note to a different community member or customer each day.

  39. Cookie of the Day: Share a different cookie recipe each day leading up to Christmas.

  40. Festive Fun Fact: Post a daily fun fact related to holiday celebrations.

  41. Holiday Book Recommendations: Suggest a book to read over the holiday break.

  42. Wrap-Up Video: Create a year-end video highlighting company milestones.

  43. Resolution Feature: Ask followers to share their New Year’s resolutions.

  44. Winter Hacks: Share hacks for dealing with cold weather, from defrosting windows to layering clothes.

  45. Boxing Day Sales: Promote any post-Christmas sales or special offers.

  46. Happy Holidays Message: Post a heartfelt holiday message from your CEO or team.

  47. Customer Shoutouts: Share photos or stories of customers with your products.

  48. Year's Top Sellers: Showcase the most popular products of the year.

  49. Reflection Post: Share what your business has learned over the past year and how it’s growing.

  50. New Year's Eve Prep: Offer tips for planning a celebration or share ideas for a festive at-home party.

December Social Media Moodboard

15 Blog Post Ideas For December 2023

  1. A Year in Reflection: Craft an intimate blog post that walks readers through your business's key milestones of 2023, enriched with personal anecdotes, photos, and videos to bring the story to life.

  2. The Ultimate Local Gift Guide: Curate a comprehensive list of thoughtful Christmas gift ideas, each paired with direct links to local businesses, showcasing community support and collaboration.

  3. Winter Community Heroes: Write a feature on local charities making a significant impact, with a particular focus on those aiding individuals experiencing homelessness during the cold months.

  4. Behind the Scenes of Festive Preparations: Offer a sneak peek into how your business gears up for the holiday season, including setting up decorations and planning holiday events.

  5. Holiday Eats & Treats: Share your favourite festive recipes, possibly incorporating products from your business or local collaborators, complete with mouth-watering images.

  6. Conscious Celebrations: Pen an informative piece on how to celebrate the holidays sustainably, with tips for eco-friendly gifts, decorations, and wrapping techniques.

  7. Local Winter Wonders: Highlight must-visit spots in your community for the ultimate winter experience, from cosy cafés to ice skating rinks.

  8. Festive Fashion Finds: Create a style guide for the holiday season featuring local boutiques, and perhaps include your products if applicable.

  9. Season of Giving: Discuss the importance of charitable giving during the holidays and spotlight how your business is contributing, encouraging readers to do the same.

  10. New Year, New Goals: Offer inspiration for setting realistic New Year's resolutions, coupled with how your business plans to set and achieve its goals for 2024.

  11. Tech Tools for a Holiday Boost: Review tech gadgets or services that can enhance the holiday experience, from smart home decorations to event planning apps.

  12. Cosy Reads for Cold Days: Suggest a list of books perfect for winter reading, maybe in collaboration with a local bookstore.

  13. Year-End Customer Appreciation: Dedicate a post to thank your customers for their support, featuring stories or testimonials that spotlight the customer-business relationship.

  14. Holiday Stress Management: Share tips and techniques for maintaining mental wellness during the hustle and bustle of December, perhaps in partnership with a local wellness coach or therapist.

  15. Deck the Digital Halls: Discuss innovative ways to bring holiday cheer into digital spaces, whether through virtual reality experiences, festive web design, or online community events.

Final Point

There you have it, 50 brand new social media content ideas and 15 blog post ideas for December 2023. Use these ideas to boost your social media presence and to increase sales of your products and services.

Remember, when you are creating a list for your December social media ideas, make sure you have your main content themes mapped out.

I hope you found this blog useful. If you’re still looking for more ideas, check out my article on how to find social media content ideas for yourself.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my email list to get more content ideas straight to your inbox on a monthly basis. I also send out other helpful tips on how to improve your digital marketing performance.

Thanks for reading,

Jack ✌️

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